Jenn Hethcoat (Coupon Blogger)

I’m Jenn, a stay at home mom to three kiddos. Nearly three? Brendan is 3, Lililan is 1 and Ryan, born on Sept. 18. I feel very blessed that my husband, Eric, provides a life for us that allows for me to stay home and raise our children.

That being said, I had to find a way to help out with the budget and the finances after Lilli was born. I turned to the Internet and discovered the world of coupons. Now I want to share that with you. I used to call myself frugal, now I would say I’m more of a fanatic.

I’m a Super Mom … and I’m Super Flawed. You won’t find me living a Martha Stewart lifestyle but I do blog all sorts of fabulous tips, reviews, recipes, deals and general mayhem at SuperJenn. You will also find me sharing my frugal knowledge and wellness tips at, and as a co-founder of the virtual fitness site WiiMommies,I blog away about my journey to a more healthy lifestyle.

Join me here at every week as Julie and I share with you what we know … and learn from you!

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Coupon fraud’s costs eventually reach your wallet
July 28, 2010
It sounds ridiculous, even to me, to think that fraud is a concern when using coupons. I mean, you cut a few coupons on Sunday and maybe print a few during the week; how on earth could you commit fraud?
Trip preparation spending puts dent in budget
June 23, 2010
It’s finally here; by the time you read this I will be soaking up the sun in the Caribbean. That doesn’t sound very frugal, you say? It most certainly is! And it most certainly isn’t.

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