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Planes, trains, automobiles filled with holiday travelers
November 27, 2003
The phones at the Travellers Inc. travel agency were ringing so much Wednesday, the staff barely had time to talk to each other. The din made Travellers vice president John Novotny happy.
Sunday liquor store sales flat in Lawrence
Owners say city’s vote hasn’t spiked business
November 25, 2003
When the Lawrence City Commission voted in July to allow liquor stores to open for business on Sundays, the vote was supposed to help increase sales. Instead, some liquor store owners say sales have been as flat as old beer.
Bar fight brewing: Rick’s Place faces neighbor, zoning battles
November 15, 2003
Old West Lawrence is no place for Rick’s Place, according to a neighborhood group trying to block the popular downtown watering hole from moving into a strip mall at Ninth and Illinois streets.
Fumes lead to evacuation from law enforcement center
November 13, 2003
(Updated Thursday at 12:27 p.m.) Employees working in the Douglas County Law Enforcement Center got a brief scare Thursday morning — fumes were detected in the building, which led to a brief evacuation.
Purpose driving veterans’ groups evolves as members grow older
November 11, 2003
John Hughes Jr. earned the Purple Heart for his service during the Vietnam War. Now he serves with his heart. “When I came out, nobody had our backs,” Hughes said. “I came back in so it wouldn’t happen again.” Hughes is the quartermaster at Veterans of Foreign Wars Post No. 852 in Lawrence. When he first joined the VFW in 1968, Lawrence was a “hot spot” of anti-war activism.
Normal life eludes May tornado victims
Residents eager to unpack and relax
November 8, 2003
The house on West 26th Street looks much like its neighbors — a two-story home, construction nearly complete, in one of Lawrence’s newer neighborhoods. To Ann Riat, it looks like the finish line of a six-month marathon.
Election fever hits town
Democracy Caravan seeks voters
November 6, 2003
With red, white, and blue eagles emblazoned on the outside and dedicated volunteers inside, the Democracy Caravan roared into Lawrence Wednesday. It set up shop outside Checkers Foods, 2300 La. “Democracy is under siege,” Caravan volunteer David Schwenk said. “We need to make sure as many people as possible get involved in our democracy to make sure our leaders follow the will of the people.”
City aims to protect downtown
Plans in the works to encourage locally owned retail stores
November 6, 2003
Worried that downtown Lawrence real estate is becoming so pricey that deep-pocketed national franchises will crowd out the “mom and pop” businesses, city commissioners Wednesday told city staffers to look for ways to keep the chain stores at bay. “We may be on the verge of (downtown) losing its uniqueness to franchise operations,” said City Commissioner David Schauner.
Trust fund offers proposals to address city’s affordable housing shortage
November 6, 2003
Lawrence’s population has nearly doubled in the past 20 years. New neighborhoods have sprung up along the western fringes of the city, expanding the tax base and fueling the city’s 1990s economic boom.
Rezoning action calls for research park uses
City denies request for residential buffer from neighborhood group
November 5, 2003
A Lawrence neighborhood association won a partial victory Tuesday to keep a hotel out of its back yard. Lawrence city commissioners voted unanimously to rezone the 11-acre tract off Legends and Research Park drives from commercial to research park uses.

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