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THE MAG: Wake Up Call - Reform school
Mag political columnist writes an educational letter to America’s first lady
January 17, 2002
By Greg Douros Mrs. Laura Bush The White House Washington D.C.
THE MAG: Wake Up Call - American Excess
January 3, 2002
By Greg Douros Feliz auevo! It’s the new year, and now that the seasonal shopping spree is over, the post-holiday buying binge can commence. It’s also a time to reflect on all the wonderful gifts we Americans received, and ponder whether there’ll be enough room in the basement to place them in perpetual storage. Now, some of us will try to deceive ourselves, saying, “No, this holiday will be different I’ll actually use the Toastmaster 6506 Electric Egg Cooker that was given to me this year.”
THE MAG: Wake Up Call - It’s a wonderful life sentence
Mag columnist visits death row in El Dorado during the holidays
December 20, 2001
By Greg Douros It’s December! Sleigh bells ringin’ and angels singin’. But nowhere is that warm Yuletide glow hotter than in El Dorado. Now before you call together an expedition of pack mules and Don Quixotes, you should know that this El Dorado isn’t just Spanish for “City of Gold.” It’s also a local term meaning “City of Maximum Security.”
THE MAG: Wake Up Call - GTAs are D.O.A.
The French and Italian departments run into trouble on the mean streets of KU
December 6, 2001
Teaching students how to “parler Frans” should be an innocuous act. Unfortunately, on the cold, harsh streets of the Kansas University campus, not everyone plays by the rules.

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