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Opinion: Government oppresses more than serves
January 5, 2014
An enterprising journalist recently unearthed a remarkable statement made by Hillary Clinton during her attempt to nationalize health care in 1993. According to Clinton, if we Americans are allowed too much discretion in how we spend our health care dollars, we won’t spend wisely and won’t get the care we need.
Opinion: Scotland ponders independence
November 3, 2013
“You say tom-ay-toe, and I say tom-ah-toe” and according to the song, the remedy for such lovers’ quarrels is to, “call the whole thing off.” From breakups and divorces it’s but a short distance to riots in the streets, schisms, world war, genocide, and Apocalypse. So it goes – from fists to cudgels to spears to muskets to hydrogen bombs. People gather together for mutual security and, when the threat of invasion by aliens passes, they begin to discover irreconcilable differences among themselves. The next thing you know, the word “We” is forgotten and the community divides itself into “Us” and “Them.”
Opinion: New Orleans has inspiring rebirth
May 5, 2013
ew Orleans still has its share of problems. But it’s enjoying its own springtime of rebirth. On every block you can see houses undergoing restoration. The dysfunctional educational system has been rebuilt from scratch and dramatically improved. Talented young people are flocking to New Orleans, drawn by opportunities and challenges.
Opinion: Nature of art worth debating
April 7, 2013
I used to know a poet who heaped gratuitous insults on fellow poets and justified it by saying, “I’m an artist.” In other words, because she was an “artist” she was exempt from petty bourgeois niceties. Her attitude suggests that it’s too easy to be an artist today. Moreover, there’s a lot of puerile, curio shop stuff that passes for art. Whoever claims to be an artist, however, presumes to enter the company of masters who have given us immortal works of art.
Opinion: ‘Rules’ are king in bureaucratic game
March 3, 2013
I was in the process of selling my deceased mother’s home in Kansas City and had a list of utilities I needed to call to have service discontinued. “I am not allowed to talk to you until I have documentation verifying that you are the trustee and have power of attorney,” said the robotic voice at the first utility I called.
Opinion: Ancestors warrant new respect
February 3, 2013
In the early years of the last century, my mother and her friend Daphne (not her real name) were driving through Ohio on their way to the East Coast. I imagine them in raccoon coats and flapper hats dashing across the Midwest in a flashy roadster when a police car appeared in the rear-view mirror. They pulled over. The officer approached, and Daphne — a formidable, haughty woman — gave the officer an indignant dressing down topped off by the most powerful, terror-inspiring declaration she knew: “I’ll have you know that my father is Buster Nottage!” (not his real name, either). To which the policeman replied: “Lady, I don’t give a darn who your father is, but you were speeding and I’m going to give you a ticket.” By George Gurley
Opinion: Neither party deserves support
January 6, 2013
A strange thing happened after the last election in which the Republicans got stuffed, trussed and roasted two weeks before Thanksgiving. Instead of exulting in victory, Democrats were overwhelmed by a wave of compassion for their rivals.
Opinion: Medical crisis yields new respect, friends
November 5, 2012
One thing I have learned is a keener appreciation for the miracles of modern medicine. Above all, I’m in awe of Lawrence’s outstanding hospital.
Opinion: Half will surely be unhappy this election season
October 7, 2012
Politics is such today that no matter who wins the election, half the country will be left in misery.
Obama shows hostility to business
September 2, 2012
From time to time in my county wanderings, I’ve stopped for a pulled pork sandwich at an imitation caboose in a shopping center parking lot. Nearby, is a miniature trolley car where I’ve sometimes ordered an espresso. Whenever I visit these modest establishments, I’m overcome with admiration. Someone may have risked his life’s savings to pursue the dream of going into business for himself. The proprietors have to be accountants, salesmen, servers, employers, janitors. Small businesses such as these are the chief creators of jobs in America.

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