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Snapped in the closet
June 21, 2010
When at a wedding, office party or bar mitzvah, sometimes you need to commemorate the occasion. You and your friends, co-workers or chosen people might want a memento of the awesomeness that was your social gathering.
Bowling for Lebowskis: Cult film abides two parties in one week
June 9, 2010
Released in 1998 to little box-office fanfare, “The Big Lebowski” has gone on to inspire a movement that will manifest itself this week in two different screenings by devout Lawrence Lebowski-ites…
Pre-Occupied: Replay Lounge
The former tenants of 946 Mass. from the past 140 years
June 8, 2010
Have you ever been in one of those arguments where you’re trying to figure out what a certain Lawrence business used to be?
Useless apps: Ten of the most worthless applications for your mobile device
June 7, 2010
With the smart phone revolution came a deluge of invaluable and ingenious apps. They allow us to conveniently navigate the modern world, stay informed on the fly and generally make our lives more efficient. But for every Weather Channel app, there are dozens of useless apps…
Prom A Go Go: Adults-only prom turns sleepy Harveyville, Kan., into surreal Conga-town, USA
June 3, 2010
When the opportunity arose to go to something called the Harveyville Prom, I had two questions: 1. “Where do I sign up?” and 2. “What in the name of Sadie Hawkins is the Harveyville Prom?”
Brain over pawn: Childhood chess studies have benefits beyond the board
May 31, 2010
Parents, if you’re hoping to mold your child into the next Bobby Fischer (minus the late Grandmaster’s weird behavior in exile, of course), you’d better get those aspiring chess prodigies pushing pawns early.
Returned male: ‘Retrosexual’ trend taps into desire for manliness of yore
May 31, 2010
No, “retrosexual” doesn’t mean a sexual preference for vintage clothing. Well, it kind of does. We should back up a little bit.
Life after death: Lawrence artist Jason Wood lives with no regrets after devastating injury
May 15, 2010
In July of 1999, Jason Wood was found lying in a San Francisco street barely clinging to life. As best as anyone could piece together, he had been struck by a car, but no one knows precisely — least of all Jason Wood himself.
Fiddling the night away: Stringband Rendezvous offers a weekend of camping and music
May 13, 2010
Even though it’s been around for seven years, Stringband Rendezvous is virtually unknown when compared to other regional music and camping festivals like Wakarusa or Winfield. And they’d prefer to keep it that way…
Yoga for yuks
New workout harnesses the healing power of guffaws and giggles
May 10, 2010
They say that laughter is the best medicine. What they won’t say is that you will look like a stark, raving lunatic when you take this particular medicine…

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