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Wildcats defeat Chuck’s Team 12-6
December 21, 2005
It was a defensive showcase Saturday when the third-grade Wildcats and Chuck’s Team met up at the Holcom Park Center. Both teams struggled to find an offensive rhythm because of the defensive intensity each team brought to the game. However, the Wildcats were able to find just enough offense to sneak out with a 12-6 win.
Wildcat defense suffocates Hoosier scoring
December 21, 2005
If the saying “defense wins championships” holds true, the fourth- and fifth-grade Wildcats are well on their way to becoming one of the powerhouses in the Hoopster league. The Wildcats used strong interior defense to suffocate the Hoosiers around the hoop and win 39-23 Dec 13 at Langston Hughes Elementary.
Falcons’ defense creates scoring chances
Dunbar provides Falcons offensive spark, leads all scorers with 6 points
December 21, 2005
Hoping to end the season on a high note, the third- and fourth-grade Falcons and Phog came out on a fiery pace. While both teams looked to establish an up-tempo game, it was the Falcons’ defensive play that won the game 14-6 against the Phog Saturday at Holcom Park Center.
Junior showdown finishes with Tigers on top of Jayhawks, 22-12
December 14, 2005
It wasn’t only heating up outside but also inside the Community Center as the Border Showdown got an early start to the season as the younger Tigers and Jayhawks battled it out Saturday afternoon. While both teams looked to push the ball up court, the kindergarten Tigers took advantage of a trio of guards to defeat the Jayhawks 22-12.
Horned Frogs keep unbeaten streak alive
Wildcats’ strong defense puts up a fight, but comes up just short
December 14, 2005
The undefeated fourth- and fifth-grade Horned Frogs looked to extend their five-game winning streak Dec. 6 while taking on the Wildcats at the East Lawrence Center. While the Wildcats put up a fight by playing tenacious defense, the Horned Frogs got just enough offense from their guards to defeat the Wildcats 20-17.
Kayhawk guards step up to defeat Team 1
December 14, 2005
It was a defensive battle when the kindergarten Kayhawks and Team 1 matched up Saturday at the Community Center. After playing neck in neck for a majority of the game, the Kayhawks were able to take advantage of their guard play to defeat Team 1, 18-12.
Up-tempo play of Tigers too much for Yellow Jackets to handle
December 14, 2005
Looking to build momentum early in the season, the fourth- and fifth-grade Tigers of the Hoopster league used an uptempo style of play and tenacious defense to defeat the Yellow Jackets, 31-18, Dec. 6 at the East Lawrence Center.
Guard play propells Bulls to victory over short-handed Six
December 7, 2005
f the Kansas Jayhawks were still looking for guard play, they should have attended the fourth-grade Bulls and Team Six game Saturday at Holcom Park Center. Both teams’ uptempo style of offense created a shootout as both teams stormed up and down the court all afternoon. However, the Bulls were able to take advantage of fresh legs, since Team Six had no substitutes, winning 54-38.
Mongoose strike Hammerheads with speed
December 7, 2005
At the younger level, guard play is vital for a successful season. Fortunately for the third-grade Mongoose, there is a plethora of strong guards on the roster. The Mongoose used an uptempo and efficient offense to run past the Hammerheads Saturday at Holcom Park Center. Their overwhelming presence on the glass and tenacious fast break attack gave the Mongoose a 32-16 win.
Cubs’ fourth-quarter rally leads to win
December 7, 2005
In a game filled with lead changes it was only fitting that the final outcome would be decided in the closing seconds. After being a halftime and in the third quarter, the third- and fourth-grade Cubs mustered one last offensive push to defeat the Firehawks 18-14 Saturday at Holcolm Park Center.

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Scott Gill leads the fourth- and fifth-grade Hoosiers in a warm-up drill prior to their game against the Wildcats Dec. 13 at Langston Hughes Elementary.

The fourth and fifth grade Hoosiers patiently wait for the Wildcats to take the court Dec. 13 at Langston Hughes Elementary.

The kindergarten Kayhawks overflowed the bench as they waited their turn against Team 1 Saturday at the Community Building.

The Kindergarten Jayhawks work on a passing drill before their game against the Tigers Saturday at the Community Building. The Tigers were able to push the ball upcourt to score against the Jayhawks and get the 22-12 victory.

Horned Frogs head coach Keith Loneker huddles his team together during their game with the Ducks Nov. 29 at the East Lawrence Center.

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