Eric Melin

Eric Melin is a freelancer for the Lawrence Journal-World and He writes the Scene Stealers blog.

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See/Saw Film Festival to take viewers back to childhood
April 18, 2015
“What does it mean to grow up in the 21st century?” That’s the tagline for the See/Saw Film Festival, April 24-26 at the Lawrence Public Library.
Predicting this year’s Oscar races
February 14, 2015
Film critic makes his picks for who will take home Oscars this year and who will be snubbed.
The 10 best films of 2014
December 28, 2014
This year’s list features films about vampires, aliens and teenage punk rockers, plus the most disappointing films of 2014..
The films of the Free State Festival
June 22, 2014
Because of all the other media and art-related events and activities, it may be easy to forget that the Free State Festival started as the Free State Film Festival. Here’s a preview at some of the movies showing this year.
KU professor spotlights pair of influential filmmakers in new books
June 7, 2014
Douglas Fairbanks and Peter Weir are two filmmakers who have fascinated Kansas University film studies associate professor John Tibbetts for a long time.
Déjà viewing: ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ and Liberty Hall’s classic music film series
June 7, 2014
Scene Stealers: “Edge of Tomorrow” is a sci-fi actioner with the mechanics of a video game, where the protagonist gets another life and another chance every time he dies, but retains the knowledge and skill of all past lives. What helps the movie rise above a superficial level, however, is that it successfully dramatizes both the emotional drain and the core moral dilemma of experiencing the same situation over and over again.
2014 Summer Movie Preview: Sci-fi spectacles take over
May 25, 2014
With three superhero movies, a monster-movie reboot, and a Biblical epic being released in the last two months, the summer movie season seems to have started extra early this year.
Wolf pack: Women filmmakers come together to mentor youths
May 4, 2014
When most new organizations first get together, they vote on a committee, draft some policies and have meeting after meeting to decide what to do next. WOLF didn’t do that. It started by making an original short-film anthology.
Spring film releases have summer feel
March 16, 2014
As the summer movie season becomes more and more crowded, Hollywood’s tentpole movies have started crowding into the spring.
Jayhawkers’ brings a legend back to life
Film tells story of how Wilt Chamberlain changed Lawrence on and off court
February 9, 2014
Broad, sweeping biographical films that try to sum up a person’s entire life in two hours rarely ever get it right. That’s why the best thing that happened to Kevin Willmott’s movie “Jayhawkers” was not being able to raise the $12 million dollars they needed.

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