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Elvyn Jones is the community reporter for the Baldwin City Signal.

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Eric and Kelly Potter twist balloons for children attending Midland Railway's Day Out with Thomas. The couple's Full O'Ballooney business grew after Eric Potter fibbed while booking his magic shows that his wife did balloon twisting.

Baker University Class of 2015 members move their tassels at the end of Sunday's graduation ceremony, symbolizing their change in status from students to alumni of the school.

Baker University School of Nursing graduate Shelby M. Riley accessorizes appropriately for the school's 2015 commencement. Riley and the other about 300 students in the class ended the traditional march across campus by walking between rows of the school's faculty before taking their seats for the commencement.

Baldwin City High School Class of 2015 members Sierra McKinney, left, and Corey Valentine pose following Saturday's commencement ceremony in Baldwin City.

A research inspiration Baker University professor William Miller discovered while watching the Travel Channel has paid off with a $286,285 grant from the National Science Foundation to fund a three-year summer undergraduate research opportunity.

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