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Everyday Brits take part in games
July 30, 2012
Olympic hopes and dreams aren’t restricted to athletes, medals or those who can afford tickets.
Slice of Life: Directing volunteers proves gratifying for LMH coordinator
November 21, 2011
The numbers she deals with are impressive. “We have an extraordinary group of volunteers,” says Allyson Leland, Lawrence Memorial Hospital’s director of volunteer services. “Last year our 869 volunteers contributed over 65,000 hours.”
Slice of Life: Arts center dance program director loves Lawrence diversity
November 14, 2011
If Candi Baker hadn’t feared childhood dental visits, her talent and passion for dance and gift of encouragement to thousands of blossoming dancers over the years may have been lost to the community.
Slice of Life: Graphologist a ‘lifelong student’
November 7, 2011
Peter Clark didn’t learn to write until first grade. Once he did, there was no holding him; it birthed a lifelong fascination with handwriting, leading him to become a professional graphologist.
Slice of Life: Studies, asthma lead to realization ‘drugs weren’t the answer for me’
October 31, 2011
Lynda Gammal, owner of “Restore Your Health Naturally” at 2859 Four Wheel Drive, is so passionate about promoting preventive health that she abandoned a research career in pharmacology and toxicology to retrain as a holistic health practitioner.
Slice of Life: Attorney finds lower stress in law
October 24, 2011
Carolyn Simpson never expected to be a lawyer in Lawrence, but she’s found that she’s content.
Slice of Life: Missionary, hospice work not foreseen
October 17, 2011
Becoming an overseas missionary, ordained pastor and Lawrence hospice chaplain weren’t part of Brenda Wahl’s early life plans.
Slice of Life: Doug Nickel
October 10, 2011
Let’s tango. “My love of social Argentine tango started with a flier for lessons,” says enthusiast Doug Nickel. “I was hooked after the first class. Tango became a hobby, then an obsession, now it’s a lifestyle.”
Slice of Life: Risa Kearn
October 3, 2011
A Lawrence Rolfer comes home.
Slice of Life: Nonprofit director turns to art to recharge spirit
September 26, 2011
Julie Branstrom’s varied life experience, creativity and willingness to attempt new things prepared her for the challenging and fulfilling role of Douglas County Dental Clinic’s executive director.

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