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Ed Demasio is a freelancer for the Lawrence Journal-World and

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Style Scout: Sarah McNutt
October 15, 2014
Fashion trends you hate: I guess they call it 3-D nail art, but it’s super-over-the-top, blinged-out fake nails. It’s totally not functional at all. I can’t even get nail polish to stay on because of my job.
Style Scout: Chris C. Cho
October 15, 2014
Fashion trends you love: I like following some European styles from Milano, Italy. Right now their slim fit, not skinny, suits are becoming more formal.
Style Scout: Stephen Pettavel
October 8, 2014
Fashion trends you hate: I’m really not a fan of camo. There’s too much right now. I just don’t like it.
Style Scout: Annika Wooton
October 8, 2014
Fashion trends you hate: I just read an article that guys don’t like high-waisted shorts. I had no idea! They are apparently really against them and now I’m going to be self-conscious.
Style Scout: Kristie Bowen
October 1, 2014
Tell us a secret: I can hold a Skittle in my dimples!
Style Scout: Kareem Wall
October 1, 2014
Fashion trends you hate: I guess I can’t stand jean shorts. Personally, I just like to keep it classy. I like dress pants, dress shirts and a tie so I can call it a day.
Style Scout: Charles Rice-Davis
September 24, 2014
Fashion trends you hate: I don’t always like the super-slim-fit cut suits. Sometimes you have grown men looking like little kids in them.
Style Scout: Jess Harman
September 24, 2014
Tattoos or piercings: I have a tattoo of a woman’s head who I have named Lady Jane.
Style Scout: Taylor Hinderer
September 17, 2014
Tell us a secret: My favorite thing to do is lying in bed watching Netflix and eating tacos.
Style Scout: Aaron Fitzgerald
September 17, 2014
Describe your style: I try to do timeless pieces that I can wear over and over again like lots of vintage Polos and stuff like that.

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Clothing details: Nike sneakers, $20; tailored jeans from South Korea, $120; H&M jacket, $20; cap, gift; Calvin Klein watch, gift.

Clothing details: Boots, $10, kids section in Walmart; pants from TJ Maxx, $15; top, gift, H&M; sweater, $5, from the men’s section in Target; leather jacket, $13, thrift store; wood veneer bracelet and jewelry by Nathaniel Hall at

Clothing details: Dress, $5, Goodwill; American Apparel socks, $18; shoes, $25, Charlotte Russe.

Clothing details: G.H. Bass & Co. shoes, $60; Urban Outfitter socks; H&M chinos, $15; Uniqlo flannel shirt, $25.

Clothing details: Sandals, $5, Target; Banana Republic shorts, $40; Nordstrom Rack shirt, $50; earrings, Stella & Dot, $75; Rainbow Loom bracelet, my son made it.

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