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Ed Demasio is a freelancer for the Lawrence Journal-World and

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Style Scout: Iain Cooper
January 22, 2015
Whom do people say you look like? I’m not sure. Hopefully, someone cool.
Style Scout: Kendra Davis
January 22, 2015
Fashion trends you love and hate: I really love boots as with leggings but I really hate leggings as pants! I don’t think they’re real pants.
Style Scout: Kristin Morland and Zippers
January 15, 2015
Fashion trends you love: I love high-waisted jeggings. I own three pairs. I love the stretchiness!
Style Scout: Timothy Morland
January 15, 2015
Tell us a secret: Tax collectors really do care. They do have hearts.
Style Scout: Graham Verne Stevenson
January 8, 2015
Fashion influences: I hate to say this — it was probably “Doctor Who” to be honest (The Seventh Doctor). Then it just kinda bloomed after that…
Style Scout: Beth Cunigan
January 8, 2015
Describe your style: Casual, whatever is comfortable and that’s swell — I’ll pretty much put that on my body.
Style Scout: Cameron DuPratte
January 1, 2015
Describe your style: It’s kind of a fusion between urban hipster and probably lumbersexual.
Style Scout: Ashlyn Evans
January 1, 2015
Fashion trends you love: I really like the monochromatic trend. It’s usually all black, which sounds kind of gothic. But, I think it can also look kind of classy at the same time. I think black is really timeless.
Style Scout: Stacey Blakeman
December 25, 2014
Describe your style: Well, now it’s mom chic!
Style Scout: Mike and Blair Blakeman
December 25, 2014
Describe Blair’s style: It’s power clashing.

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Clothing details: Shoes, $70, Amazon; pants, $80; shirt, $60, Country Road; Ralph Lauren Polo jacket, don’t remember price.

Clothing details: Boots, $5, scarf, 50 cents, and tights, $1, all from Social Service League; top, $7, Kohl’s; jacket, $65, random store.

Clothing details: Jeggings, $20, H&M; boots, Forever 21; coat, gift from my mom; gloves, Target; sweater, $10, Target; sunglasses, gift, Arizona Trading Company.

Clothing details: J shoes, $20, Footprints; jeans, $20, Target; T-shirt, $5, Urban Outfitters; H&M sweater, gift; headband, my wife made that; glasses, $13.

Clothing details: Shoes, $5, Savers; pants, $5, Urban Outfitters; blazer, $40, Gap; shirt, gift; bow tie, gift; hat, gift from Sunflower Outdoor and Bike Shop

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