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THE MAG: Word of Mouth — Seeking small-town charm
October 4, 2001
By Diane Frook Small towns, i.e., those without their own Wal-Mart, hold a regular, roughly semi-annual seduction for me. I simply adore echoing through empty post offices and griping about the impossibility of finding decent coffee. Anyway, I recently decided it was time to (temporarily) leave Lawrence for points littler, and so it happened that I braved a blinding rainstorm, complete with painful-to-the-paint-job hail, and headed north to Tonganoxie.
Word of Mouth: Mojo rising
A variety of spicy sauces gives Lawrence eatery the edge
September 27, 2001
By Diane Frook We all suffer those keen disappointments in life. Things like rejection letters from colleges, broken legs before ski trips or getting your heart set on some Mojo’s wings and finding out … they’re closed! And on such a not-really-a-holiday as Labor Day! I figure that any holiday that doesn’t come bundled with a meal (i.e., Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter) means restaurants should be open even if City Hall is closed. You will not convince me that food delivery is a non-essential service.
Word of Mouth: Very little Italy
Bambino’s puts fast-food spin on classic dishes
September 20, 2001
By Diane Frook Those Olive Garden TV commercials irritate me, with that “When you’re here, you’re family” nonsense. I am not family. If I was family I wouldn’t have to pay. But given my unfortunate circumstance of not being related to any Italian cooks, I try to find restaurants where I can at least be an enthusiastic customer.
Word of Mouth: Original Zin
September 13, 2001
By Diane Frook What do you think? My dinner companion glanced in the direction of the young couple passing our table. First date or second? We studied them a little closer, debated the issue and decided second. Not because they didn’t look ill at ease and self-conscious (they did), but because, why would you waste Zin on the precarious prospects of a first date? This place is for finalists only.
Word of Mouth: Historical present
September 6, 2001
By Diane Frook Our waitress at Shalor’s was a student no surprise there but more to the point, a history major. I found this fitting, since it emphasized the fact that the best reason to go to Shalor’s, located in the Eldridge Hotel downtown, is to enjoy the historical ambiance.
Out of Africa
Bobo’s Buka blends multicultural flavors into an ever-revolving menu
August 30, 2001
By Diane Frook “Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it,” advises the motto of Bobo’s Buka regarding its African-inspired food. “You might just get hooked!” The problem is, although you might (or might not) get hooked on the food, it’s much dicier to predict a growing affinity for the other aspects of this restaurant.
Word of Mouth: Stark raves
Award-winning restaurant offers upscale atmosphere and menu
August 23, 2001
By Diane Frook People dressed in eye-catching outfits, store windows filled with eye-catching merchandise, sidewalks dominated by eye-incarcerating, non-camouflaging, nature-defiant cow sculptures: The kaleidoscopic view of Kansas City seen on the Plaza invites a full spectrum of theories about society.
Word of Mouth: Stolen moments
Westport’s Stolen Grill combines an imaginative menu with intimate setting
August 16, 2001
By Diane Frook In New York City, there’s nothing terribly unusual about seeing a man cooking on the street. But what caught the eye of a Kansas City restaurateur was one man’s particular equipment: For his grill he used a grate, purloined from the street. This stolen grill became the inspiration, in name if not machinery, for the little Westport area restaurant called The Stolen Grill.
Word of Mouth: Dinner theatre
Kokoro provides a delicious Japanese feast for the eyes as well as the stomach
August 9, 2001
By Diane Frook Three seating choices were presented when we visited Kokoro: the cooking tables, the regular dining area and the sushi bar.
Word of Mouth: The unsinkable Molly
Burger’s, beer and cartoons are staples of Molly McGee’s
August 2, 2001
By Diane Frook Fibber McGee, apparently, has made an appointment with a clutter consultant. In the old days, the popular radio star would open his overstuffed closet to the sound of crashing junk. But in the modern era, at Molly McGee’s, the closet has been pared down, its purpose simple and streamlined. The current contents of Fibber’s Closet? “Oh,” our waitress said matter-of-factly. “It’s liquor.”

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