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Road test awaits Jayhawks
September 9, 2004
Kansas University senior goalkeeper Meghan Miller hasn’t allowed a goal through four games this season, but the Seattle native will face her stiffest challenges thus far today and Saturday at the Furman Tournament.
Going it alone? Not a Jammin’ idea
Web site offers bands tricks of the trade
January 11, 2001
By Devin Walker You might have gone the do-it-yourself route: mixing the sound from the stage, shopping your CD, booking your latest tour, putting together your promo packs or even asking the club owner for your “guarantee.” All of these certainly fall into the DIY category but, believe me, it’s not always a good idea to tackle these yourself.
Web-based e-mail accounts have advantages
December 11, 2000
By Devin W. Walker There are many sites that offer free e-mail/Web mail services, where anyone can get a free e-mail account. However, the service and features vary between providers. Web mail is stored on the World Wide Web and is retrieved using any Web browsing software such as Internet Explorer, Netscape, Lynx, etc.
MP3s save music without the memory bite
October 2, 2000
The MP3 format is a compression system for music. The MP3 format helps reduce the number of bytes in a song without hurting the quality of the song’s sound. The goal of the MP3 format is to compress a CD-quality song by a factor of 10 to 14 without losing the CD quality of the sound. With MP3, a 32-megabyte song on a CD compresses down to 3 megabytes or so. This lets you download a song in minutes rather than hours, and it lets you store hundreds of songs on your computer’s hard disk without taking up much space.

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