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Appetite for success: Lawrence restaurant owners share how business thrives despite economy
April 15, 2010
Steve Kerner hasn’t let the recession set his business back. In fact, he’s used it to his advantage. Kerner, owner of Ingredient, opened a new restaurant on the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, Mo., in January.
Health industry, environment, sales good areas to seek new jobs
April 8, 2010
Kevin Craig is hopeful more unemployed people will find jobs with the start of the new year. Craig is a managing partner of Global Recruiters of Lawrence, which helps employers find candidates for open positions, and job seekers attain employment throughout the United States. He’s witnessed the effects of a 10 percent national unemployment rate at the end of 2009.
‘Nutcracker’ Christmas: Lawrence Arts Center reimagines holiday dance classic
November 29, 2009
A ballet classic meets Kansas history as “A Kansas Nutcracker” comes to the stage again this year at the Lawrence Arts Center.
Inexpensive, unique gifts sold at holiday art fair
November 29, 2009
Susan Buchanan is hoping the sound of horses hooves and bells will get people in the mood to do some holiday shopping.
Halloween thrillers: Michael Jackson, other celebrities will be popular costume inspiration in 2009
October 12, 2009
Don’t be surprised if you see Michael Jackson, Bernie Madoff or Jon and Kate around town this month.
Happy camper: Free State grad camps in 50 states
October 5, 2009
When her daughter was just 7 weeks old, Kathi Firns-Hubert and her husband, Barney, fastened the newborn into her car seat and took her camping.
Knuckle-cracking’s effects: The Jury’s out
September 21, 2009
Odds are, you’ve heard a wives’ tale or two. Some wives’ tales are quickly dismissed (if you swallow a watermelon seed, a watermelon will grow in your stomach). Some are just confusing (Feed a cold, starve a fever — or is it the other way around?)
Even budget shortfall can’t silence university’s steam whistle
August 18, 2009
A nearly century-old Kansas University tradition almost came to an end — twice. When the campus steam whistle was threatened, students and alumni made noise. Noise loud enough to fill the silence left by the unused whistle. Noise loud enough to bring the whistle back.
Housing upgrades may attract more to campus living
August 18, 2009
When Vanessa Phillips decided to enroll in summer school, she had to make some adjustments. She had to make new friends. She had to prepare for more challenging college courses. And, when she moved from Wichita to Lawrence, she had to find a new place to live. So she began apartment hunting.
Sold! — Lawrence housing market has some success stories
July 13, 2009
When Sarah Stirn put her house up for sale and received a bid three days later, she had one word to describe her feelings: ecstatic.

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