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6News video: Administrators travel to China to improve language program
July 17, 2007
Two local high school administrators travel thousands of miles to help Lawrence students better learn the most widely-spoken language in the world: Chinese.
6News video: Lawrence man found dead at local sub shop
July 16, 2007
Justin Emmons, 34, was found inside Yello Sub on West 12th St. where neighbors say a wild party raged until the wee hours of this morning.
Teacher planning time issue on hold
Education association, district agree to study plan for one year
July 14, 2007
Elementary teachers may have to wait until 2008 to get extra time to plan their classes. Negotiators for the Lawrence Education Association and the Lawrence school district decided Friday to put the issue on hold for one year in order to give each side more time to study the issue.
6News video: School leaders scramble to take steps to keep concealed weapons out of schools
July 12, 2007
A new version of the Kansas Personal and Family Protection Act went into effect May 3rd. It says that licensed gun owners can now carry concealed weapons into schools - unless a sign is posted that says otherwise.
Motorcyclist injured in accident
Man taken to Kansas City area hosptial
July 10, 2007
A 29-year-old man was taken by air ambulance to a Kansas City area hospital after a motorcyle accident about 8 a.m. Tuesday.
6News video: Parents get ready to pony up a bit more for school lunch
July 9, 2007
With everything from fuel prices to produce problems affecting their bottom line, the Lawrence School District’s food services department says this time around a price hike is unavoidable.
6News video: School food lacking nutritional standards
July 5, 2007
A recent study of school nutrition programs shows most fail at changing the way students eat.
6News video: Serious troublemakers at school could face more than suspension or expulsion
July 3, 2007
Starting next year, students who get in trouble at school for serious violations could face further punishment. New legislation makes it more likely that students will lose their license, too.
6News video: Lawrence’s newest school also most expensive
June 28, 2007
South Junior High School may come with a multi-million dollar price tab - but it’s actually going to save the district money - in energy.
6News video: New law enforces seat belt use for school vehicles
June 27, 2007
A new law forces students to strap in in some school vehicles starting next year as new legislation also says that students who aren’t wearing a seat belt could have to pay a fine.

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