Craig Gold (Morning meteorologist)

Craig Gold was recently awarded the American Meteorological Society's seal of approval, a prestigious accolade in the field.

He comes to the Sunflower State from the "Sunshine" state of Florida. His previous experiences with weather forecasting took place in both Tallahassee and Panama City, Fla. Craig covered several hurricanes, tropical systems, and severe weather outbreaks. In 2004, he was awarded by the Florida Highway Patrol for outstanding coverage during Hurricane Ivan.

His passion for weather stems from his early childhood. It was his initial fear of thunderstorms that grew into more of a fascination, and then eventually a pure obsession. Craig isn’t ashamed to admit that he truly is a "weather geek."

He attended the University of Miami having graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in Broadcast Journalism and is convinced he’s the only “Canes” fan in town. Craig received his broadcast meteorology degree from Mississippi State University.

Aside from his love for weather and the news, you can find Craig on the tennis courts hitting a few balls, pounding away on his drums, or screaming at his TV while watching a hockey game. If you have any questions regarding the weather, or you just want to say hi, do not hesitate to shoot him an e-mail.