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Kenton Knowles, a home builder and designer, stands inside what he calls his "Tom Thumb" home. The 120-square-foot building is made almost completely out of recycled materials. It also has passive solar heating and a solar panel on the roof.

Bell Schwartz, left, and Olivia Schonewise prepare for the ball during a drill at the Lawrence MAVs 12 and under team try-out on Saturday at Southwest Junior High School. Fourteen players tried out for the new team, nine were selected to play.

Kiley Mosiman passes the volleyball with a teammate from the Lawrence MAVs 14 and under team. Mosiman wa son hand at Southwest Junior High School on Saturday to assist with try-outs for the new 12 and under Lawrence MAVs team.

The U9 Kaw Valley Soccer Assn. Angels gain control of the ball and attempt to move it across to the goal. The Angels played the Pink Panthers on Saturday at Youth Sports Inc.

Ethan Irons and Ryan Hoffenstein of the U7 Kaw Valley Soccer Assn. Blue team wait for the ball to come to them. Irons and Hoffenstein played Saturday afternoon at Youth Sports Inc.

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