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Keep kids focused on school
May 11, 2009
For Janine Monaghan, restless first-graders are the best kind. Keeping them focused is a worthwhile challenge for Monaghan, not an endless battle. “First-graders really like school and are pretty excited about coming to school,” says Monaghan, who teaches at Deerfield School.
Efficiency experts: Broken Arrow students trade recess for recycling efforts
April 20, 2009
Sherry Emerson says they have eagle eyes. They sort through each blue bin cautiously, carefully, making sure not to miss anything. If they aren’t thorough, they might overlook a few pencils, a pair of scissors or even some used tissues. They call themselves the Green Team.
What makes a great date movie?
April 6, 2009
According to Ian Weaver, it’s not about the movie. It’s about the couple. “Any movie could be a good date movie,” says Weaver, who is shift manager at Blockbuster, 4651 W. Sixth St.
Post-winter exercise
March 9, 2009
Even if you have to use a can of peas or an old paint can to exercise your biceps and triceps, Rick Sells knows it’s possible to become a healthier, leaner person.
Cookbooks for keeps: Some culinary collections just aren’t the same online
March 2, 2009
Don’t ask Rachel Wydeven Oliverius to trade in her collection of cookbooks for their online counterparts. She wouldn’t do it. Wydeven Oliverius, who co-owns Blue Plate Dinners with Lori Johns, wouldn’t dream of giving up her collection of more than 75 cookbooks for online versions.
Causes of bad breath
March 2, 2009
That nasty stench just won’t go away. You’ve brushed and flossed until your gums bleed, swished mouthwash until it stings. But your breath still reeks of last night’s meatloaf or this morning’s maple syrup oatmeal.
Adjust your schedule to daylight saving time
March 2, 2009
Most people struggle to maintain a healthy sleeping hygiene, says Dr. John Whipple – especially during daylight saving time. Whipple, who is the medical director of Acumen Institute in Lawrence, says a healthy person should head to bed between the hours of 9 p.m. to 11 p.m.
‘Stuffed Nation’ author ponders hazards of junk food withdrawal
February 23, 2009
Hank Cardello doesn’t think you have to stop eating junk food in order to lose weight. As a matter of fact, Cardello, an author from Chapel Hill, N.C., believes the very opposite.
Oh, baby!: Lawrence moms combine parenting, music skills on stage
February 16, 2009
When people spot the baby on Tricia Spencer’s back, they often point and smile. Spencer, fiddle in hand, just continues playing. And when they notice her bandmate Virginia Musser is carting a baby on her back, too, she just laughs and carries on.
Purple passion: Violet hue hot color this year — even in Lawrence
January 19, 2009
Aaron Dickson’s wardrobe is 90 percent blue and red. Other than a few high school T-shirts, his closet is a beautiful assortment of Jayhawk hues — crimson, blue, maybe even a few splotches of yellow here and there.

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