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Ethan Diaz of Bonner Springs enjoys a camel ride on the last day of the Wyandotte County Fair.

Jayden Herrman of Jefferson County and Noah Pride of Gardner check out some baby goats in the 4-H exhibit area of the Wyandotte County Fair.

Chris and Kylie Schneider of Akron, Ohio, enjoy the Hang Gliders ride at the Wyandotte County Fair. The Schneiders were in Kansas City visiting relatives.

Lovell Johnson and Christine Blauw play with their son, one of three children in foster care currently living with them. The Johnson County couple has cared for him since he was 4 days old and is about to mark the end of their first year as foster parents. Two of the couple's children are originally from Wyandotte County; about 56 percent of children put into foster care in Wyandotte County must be moved out of county due to a lack of foster families in the county, according the foster care agency KVC.

Sheryl Coleman, right, recently got the help of Kim Beets, library director, to collect donated iPods, chargers and headphones at the Bonner Springs City Library. Coleman is using the donated items to help Alzheimer's patients in the area.

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