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Company designs unmanned aviation vehicles
April 24, 2004
Spies and soldiers are among the main customers of a Lawrence-based startup company that has plans to become a high-flying member of the aviation industry.
Vision quest: Property transformed into rolling garden
July 20, 2003
Starting with the humble beginnings of a hayfield with two trees and a small lake, Ronda and Ed Schulte have transformed their two-acre property into a gentle rolling garden with many trees and flower beds, a healthy vegetable garden and a mini-orchard.
Gardener’s refuge
Lovely landscape transforms Lawrence yard
July 13, 2003
Transplants from the northwestern part of the country have taken up the challenge of gardening in northeastern Kansas, complete with its heavy clay soil, limited rainfall and problematic areas on their property. Nonetheless, Ross and Angie Friesen have transformed an ordinary neighborhood yard into a lovely garden spot.
Colorful comfort
Bouquet of fragrant flowers highlight area garden
July 6, 2003
When Donna Masoner and Charles Jones moved their family from an established urban neighborhood with mature trees in Kansas City to 20 acres in the rural countryside east of Lawrence, they quickly became surprised.
Happy anniversary: Countryside Garden Club celebrates 50 years
June 29, 2003
Fifty years ago, a group of women with an interest in gardening and an appreciation of nature formed the Countryside Garden Club. Inspired by the vision of its leaders, Muffie Brune and Mary Hanna, the group has been meeting monthly ever since and recently celebrated 50 years of gardening and friendships with a luncheon at the Smith Center at Brandon Woods Retirement Community.
Tucked into a backyard corner, Lawrence couple’s water garden is a surprise retreat
June 22, 2003
A country garden sits in the middle of a brome field in nearby Lawrence. Fences enclose the garden, and the surrounding countryside provides the perfect backdrop for this wonderful retreat.
Cornfield of dreams
Area farmer has passion for check-row corn
June 15, 2003
Ever since a trip through fertile Iowa cornfields in the 1950s, Paul Heitzman has been hooked.
Stop and smell the roses
Nonagenerian has knack for creating beautiful roses
June 8, 2003
If you live long enough, you get to rub shoulders with some important figures like Queen Elizabeth and Lady Baltimore. At 98, Lena Davis easily makes that claim.
Pride and joy
Roses dazzle Lawrence woman’s garden
June 1, 2003
When it comes to handling a thorny subject, Master Gardener Karen McGrath is one of the best.
Poppy culture
Flower colors range from vibrant to subdued
May 18, 2003
The National Garden Bureau celebrates 2003 as the Year of the Poppy. The plant is special because it comes in an annual and perennial form, can be grown from seed, does as well in containers as in the garden and grows in almost any kind of soil.

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