Calder Pickett

Calder Pickett is a professor emeritus in journalism at Kansas University. His columns appear on Sundays in the Journal-World.

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Vinson eager to add to his ‘story’
Walk-on comfortable with his role
November 7, 2004
It was two seasons ago that Stephen Vinson had his improbable moment. A Lawrence High grad and Kansas University men’s basketball walk-on, Vinson spent most high-impact games during his freshman year clapping, hooting and hollering and waving a towel from the bench while Kirk Hinrich and Nick Collison were leading the Jayhawks to the Final Four.
Some news moments become lifelong memories
February 17, 2002
By Calder Pickett We attach our knowledge of historical events to where we were and what we were doing when we heard the news. I was working on the Topeka Daily Capital on one of my weekend shifts (I was teaching at Kansas University in those days) when the Teletype informed us that President Harry Truman had set aside the text of his speech and declared that he wouldn’t be a candidate for re-election in 1952.
Tourists, businesses alter face of Salt Lake City
February 3, 2002
By Calder Pickett These Olympics will be the first I’ve ever really identified with. The country in and around Salt Lake City is home country for me, even though I was neither a skier nor a skater. I was born in Utah, was brought up in an Idaho town just across the state line, went to Utah State and worked there and taught there, lived and worked in Salt Lake City, and I’ve spent a lot of time in Ogden and up Ogden Canyon, which is home country for my wife.
La Guardia, not Giuliani, deserves remembrance as NYC’s greatest mayor
January 27, 2002
By Calder Pickett I’m still trying to comprehend the ignorance of the Time editor who said in the cover story about Rudy Giuliani as “person of the year” that Giuliani was the greatest mayor in the history of New York, and that includes Fiorello La Guardia.
50s students showed talent, perseverance in their studies
January 20, 2002
By Calder Pickett A young man came up to me at the reception for Tom Eblen a few weeks ago and told me he was in the last class I taught at Kansas University. I almost wanted to say “No, you weren’t,” but I’m sure he was in that class.
Journalism school undergoes gradual changes
January 13, 2002
By Calder Pickett Dear friends: Back when I was teaching I used to get letters from some of you, and I’d write a long Christmas letter that the School of Journalism paid for and sent out. Times have changed, haven’t they?
Terrorist attacks now an exhausted subject
January 6, 2002
By Calder Pickett I read the Journal-World op-ed page the other day and found that Ellen Goodman had written my column. She said things much better than I can say them, but I do want to say something about 2001, even though the subject has been exhausted by now.
The past 50 years brought many changes, memories
December 30, 2001
ByCalder Pickett The year is coming to an end, this frequently dreadful 2001, and I got to checking on what we would have been reading about in news summaries of some of the years in a 50-year history.
O. Henry stories are a treat for Christmas
December 23, 2001
By Calder Pickett If you were brought up on books and short stories, you may think once in a while at Christmas time about some of the grand old tales. Charles Dickens always comes to mind, especially because of “A Christmas Carol.”
The ‘50s brought some classic tunes
December 16, 2001
By Calder Pickett Several weeks ago we saw a show at the Lawrence Community Theatre called “The Taffetas.” It was a delight. These four pretty and highly talented young women (I dare not call them “girls”) sang a gallery of songs from the 1950s. How they carried me back!

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