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Mass. Street Chic: Fashionable last-minute costumes
October 31, 2011
If you are struggling for a last minute costume idea — and I do mean very, very last minute — look no further. Simply look to your favorite style icon from the past.
Mass. Street Chic: Daphne Guiness, style icon
October 24, 2011
Be inspired by Daphne Guinness, labeled “one of the most fascinating fashion icons in the world today” by FIT museum curator Valerie Steele. Discover how you can insert a bit of Daphne into your own dress code.
Mass. Street Chic: Add a bit of Hollywood glamour to your wardrobe
October 17, 2011
As the release date of “My Week with Marilyn” creeps closer, style enthusiasts and fashion addicts are increasingly interested in emulating the late star’s iconic, sexy style.
Mass. Street Chic: Extend your summer wardrobe into fall
October 10, 2011
Adjusting your wardrobe from season to season can be tricky. As temperatures wobble back and forth, be prepared to conquer any weather with these fall transition pieces.
Mass St. Chic:
October 3, 2011
After you purchase an additional closet rung, reward yourself: Go shopping for a new fall coat!
Mass St. Chic: An inside peek at the offices of Ralph Lauren
September 26, 2011
Fashion Week is over, but in New York City, there is always fashion to be had. During my visit, I received an invitation to visit the workplace of American fashion designer Ralph Lauren, and I jumped at the opportunity.
Mass Street Chic: Have fun with some funky ideas for fingernail art
September 5, 2011
If you find yourself with a bit of time on your hands this week, devote it to yourself. And, if you’re up for something new, try out some of these fun, funky nail art ideas.
Blush, burnt orange hot colors for fall
August 29, 2011
Check out a few of fall’s hottest color trends and how I suggest they might be worn.
Mass St. Chic: Accentuate your waist with peplum
August 22, 2011
Keep reading to discover how you can make a statement by trying one hot fall trend — the peplum.
Mass St. Chic: Pleats take stage in lightweight fabrics
August 15, 2011
A pleat is a pleat, right? Wrong

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Clothing Details: Cardigan: Banana Republic, 2009, $30. Dress: Velvet, 2011, $50. Shoes: Rainbow, 2008, $30. Jacket: Zara, 2010, L60. Purse: Coach, 2007, gift.

Clothing Details: Shoes: Steve Madden, September 2011, $50. Jeans: Guess, August 2011, $80. Shirt: Marshall’s, July 2011, $20. Hoodie: Chor, September 2011, $15. Portfolio: American Leather Company, $50.

Shirt: Thrifted, Garnett, 2009, $5. Pants: Levi’s, 2008, $40. Boots: Nigro’s Western Store, Merriam, 2009, $180.

Dress: Wildman Vintage, 2007, $14. Apron: From my grandmother’s collection, 2011, free. Shoes: Toms, Sharks Surf Shop, 2011, $60.

Columnist Caitlin Donnelly had the opportunity to visit the offices of Ralph Lauren in New York City.

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