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Kathy’s long journey
Despite battling cancer for more than two years with few lucky breaks, this Baldwin City mom lost neither her sense of humor nor her competitive spirit
February 25, 2007
Editor’s Note: Baldwin City resident Kathy Jardon fought cancer for more than two years. From conversations and her journals, Senior editor Bill Snead found that battling cancer can be a full-time job.

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Floyd Sutton, photographed in 1999. His collection of antique record players are on display at the Blue Rapids Museum as "Fib's Collection of Record Proportions: 94 Years in the Making."

John Ross prepares for one of his radiation treatments in this photo, wearing a protective mask at the Lawrence Cancer Center.

John Ross meets with some of the members of the Lawrence Memorial Hospital oncology staff wearing shirts that he bought for the group in this 2008 photo. He also handed out wrist bands that read Rossie Posse.

John Ross, right, was told in 2008 that he had a stage IV cancer in the base of his tongue. He and his wife, Cathy, left, were told it was treatable, and that experience lasted nearly two years.

Cancer patient John Ross, sports a blue mohawk after losing a wager on KU football. His physician, Dr. Eston Schwartz, is at left.

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