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Couple resumes normal life after ‘arduous’ cancer treatments
March 21, 2010
In January 2008, John Ross had his annual physical. He felt good. He knew he’d get some grief about his cholesterol but he was working on that.
J-W senior editor uncovers memories upon return to Washington
June 17, 2007
It’s been four months now since I’ve been back working at the Washington Post and its Web site. Before returning to the Journal-World in 1993, I had the good fortune of spending 21 years here.
J-W editor recounts road trip to D.C.
April 23, 2007
Driving from Lawrence to Washington, D.C., is really no big deal. Pull onto the Kansas Turnpike, turn right and in 18 hours or thereabouts, you’re there.
Kathy’s long journey
Despite battling cancer for more than two years with few lucky breaks, this Baldwin City mom lost neither her sense of humor nor her competitive spirit
February 25, 2007
Editor’s Note: Baldwin City resident Kathy Jardon fought cancer for more than two years. From conversations and her journals, Senior editor Bill Snead found that battling cancer can be a full-time job.
Photographer to share tales of world travel
November 15, 2006
While Bruce Dale was shooting exclusively for National Geographic, he had more than 2,000 photographs published in its Society’s books and magazines.
Doctor’s other office
October 15, 2006
Doctor Marilee McGinness usually does surgeries in Lawrence Memorial Hospital’s operating rooms twice a week. She does less complicated versions in her office. About 80 percent of her work involves women’s breasts. Two weeks ago, she worked three different days in the operating rooms and removed six breasts from four patients.
Short cut to recovery
October 15, 2006
Debbie Meyer’s life had become an emotional yo-yo with too much downspin. Two months earlier, on a Saturday morning, Dr. Marilee McGinness had driven from Lawrence to Meyer’s home in Lenexa to personally deliver bad news. Meyer’s breast biopsy, taken the night before in McGinness’ office, was positive. She had cancer.
Love blossoms after 30-year wait
September 10, 2006
Dot and Gary Beckner are sitting on their living room couch, near the Douglas County Fairgrounds, blissfully recounting their unusual love story. They’re close enough you couldn’t get a piece of paper between them. Gary’s arm is draped gently around his wife’s shoulders. They’re both 53 and have been married “nearly 11 months.”
Retired educators celebrate 50 years of marriage in Maui
August 27, 2006
Darrell and Carol Falen have warm memories of their wedding day. It was June 23, 1956, at Winfield’s First Methodist Church.
Old-timer’s seen bad days - and good
August 7, 2006
Toby Dietz is standing on a little piece of the 580 acres of farmland and pasture he still owns about two miles east of Ness City.

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Recent photos

Floyd Sutton, photographed in 1999. His collection of antique record players are on display at the Blue Rapids Museum as "Fib's Collection of Record Proportions: 94 Years in the Making."

John Ross prepares for one of his radiation treatments in this photo, wearing a protective mask at the Lawrence Cancer Center.

John Ross meets with some of the members of the Lawrence Memorial Hospital oncology staff wearing shirts that he bought for the group in this 2008 photo. He also handed out wrist bands that read Rossie Posse.

John Ross, right, was told in 2008 that he had a stage IV cancer in the base of his tongue. He and his wife, Cathy, left, were told it was treatable, and that experience lasted nearly two years.

Cancer patient John Ross, sports a blue mohawk after losing a wager on KU football. His physician, Dr. Eston Schwartz, is at left.

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