Ben Unglesbee

Ben Unglesbee is the Kansas University reporter for the Lawrence Journal-World.

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Western Civilization class reinvents itself with curriculum change
August 24, 2014
For decades Kansas University’s Western Civilization requirements gave the majority of undergrads a taste of some of the world’s oldest writing and most influential ideas. After the introduction of the KU Core, it lost its status as a near-universal requirement. Now it has reinvented itself to stay relevant in the post-KU Core world. By Ben Unglesbee
Q&A with KU Chancellor Gray-Little
August 24, 2014
Kansas University Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little sat down with the Journal-World to talk about the past school year and the year ahead. By Ben Unglesbee
KU trying to push deeper into market for master’s students
August 24, 2014
For many the master’s degree has become the new bachelor’s. With many competitors both in the region and online, Kansas University has been working to expand its master’s offerings and innovate its programs. By Ben Unglesbee
Building a new home for the KU business school
August 24, 2014
Kansas University School of Business Dean Neeli Bendapudi has helped raise more than $50 million — and a ton of enthusiasm — for a new home for the business school. Now construction crews are working to make the school’s dreams a reality. By Ben Unglesbee
A look at what’s on the minds of KU’s deans
August 24, 2014
By Scott Rothschild and Ben Unglesbee
KU Common Book centers on small-town Kansas
August 24, 2014
Laura Moriarty’s coming-of-age novel “The Center of Everything” takes place in a small fictional town in rural Kansas. KU picked it as this year’s Common Book, hoping students from across the state will relate to its character and benefit from reading a novel written by a local author. By Ben Unglesbee
Going mobile a mammoth job at KU
August 24, 2014
Kansas University is gunning to be a premier mobile university. The KU Information Technology office has deployed thousands of access points around campus for it’s WiFi network — even outside. The university is also working with AT&T to build a network of hundreds of small cellular antennae to beef up its mobile coverage. By Ben Unglesbee
Five-years-old now, KU arts school busy building reputation
August 24, 2014
After a failed dean search in 2008, Kansas University’s School of Fine Arts dissolved for good. In its place KU created a new School of the Arts. Five-years-old now, the school has made some departments more visible and clearly stronger. The school’s new leader wants to spread the message about the arts’ importance across campus and the region. By Ben Unglesbee
Longtime Kansan returns to lead KU medical school
August 24, 2014
Robert Simari graduated from the KU Medical School nearly 30 years ago. Now, after a career as a researcher, professor and doctor, he has returned to KU to take over the medical school he graduated from as the new executive dean. By Ben Unglesbee
Former governance leader a voice for faculty during a tumultuous year
August 24, 2014
Chris Steadham, currently the associate director of the Kansas University School of Law’s Wheat Library, was president of the KU Faculty Senate for 2013-14, a year that saw the university at the center of national controversies and some of the fiercest grappling between faculty and higher education officials in years. By Ben Unglesbee

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