Arley Hoskin (Fashion columnist)

Arley Hoskin is a freelancer for the Lawrence Journal-World and She writes the Celebrity Fashion Fusion column.

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Celebrity Fashion Fusion: Looking like Lupita
April 3, 2014
Girls who want a red carpet look like Lupita Nyong’o this prom season need look no further than Weaver’s, 901 Massachusetts St.
Celebrity Fashion Fusion: Relaxed outfit inspired by Jessica Alba
March 6, 2014
Some recent warmer weather might inspire some people to start spring wardrobe shopping, and you can look to Jessica Alba for inspiration.
Celebrity Fashion Fusion: Catching attention — Jennifer Lawrence’s little black dress both edgy and classy
December 26, 2013
If you want to be hot enough to catch on fire this New Year’s Eve, all you need to do is follow Jennifer Lawrence’s lead.
Salon-quality products available in unlikely places at unlikely prices
December 19, 2013
Most moms wouldn’t think to buy Christmas gifts for their daughters at a barber shop, but that’s not the case for moms like LeAnn Towner.
Celebrity Fashion Fusion: An outfit like Kerry Washington’s can be yours - without any controversy
November 28, 2013
There is nothing scandalous about Kerry Washington’s classic sense of style.
Celebrity Fashion Fusion: How to be an Olivia Wilde child
October 31, 2013
When Olivia Wilde isn’t sporting KU gear at Allen Field House with her fiance Jason Sudeikis, she exudes a casual glam that appears effortless.
Put down those disposables: Parents embrace old diaper ways
October 3, 2013
The mantra “reduce, reuse, recycle” has created a cloth diaper revival in the Lawrence. Lawrence mom Dorothy Williams said the decision to use cloth diapers on Frank, her 18-month-old, seemed like a given. Dorothy and her husband, Jeff, are among a number of parents in Lawrence who have decided to forgo disposable diapers for the reusable cloth alternatives. By Arley Hoskin
Celebrity Fashion Fusion: Outfit inspired by Christina Hendricks
September 26, 2013
Many women envy Christina Hendricks’ classic, curvy look, and with a trip downtown, they can get that look at prices that won’t drive them mad.

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