Andrew Hartsock (Managing sports editor)

Andrew was born and reared in Overland Park, but he has lived most of his life in Lawrence.

Andrew put himself through Kansas University by sacrificing nights and weekends to a part-time job as a sports writer at the Journal-World. After five years of KU toil, he was offered a full-time gig at the J-W, and it proved to be an offer he couldn't refuse.

In his two-plus decades of Journal-World servitude, Andrew has covered everything from preps to pros, from archery to wrestling.

He currently is associate sports editor, a fancy title meaning he can sacrifice his nights and weekends to help produce the Journal-World sports section. He also regularly writes a blog on the joys and challenges of commuting by bike called Rolling Along.

Andrew and his wife, Janice, have two children, Carlyn and Brooks.

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