Adam Krueger

At what moment did you realize you wanted to become a sports reporter? And if there wasn't a specific point in time, what was the motivating factor?

In high school, I realized I wasn't going to be a pro athlete and I didn't have the patience for law school. So I figured why not cover sports for a career?

When you really want to relax and let your hair down in Lawrence, where do you go and what do you do ?

Hang out with coworkers at a local pub. Also drive around in my car to blow off some steam. Tennis helps me do that as well.

What comes to your mind as the most memorable local story you've covered?

Probably the local fundraising efforts for Hurricane Katrina. The Lawrence community has been so generous to those effected.

If you couldn't be a reporter, what occupation would you want to try?

Probably swim with dolphins.

Which two people do you admire most? One should be someone you know. The other, someone you've never met.

One person I admire the most is my dad. He has taught me a lot about life and worked hard to make sure I didn't turn out to be a bum. The other person would be Cal Ripken,Jr. Even though he played a game for a living, he still came to work and did his job thousands upon thousands of times without slacking off for a day.

If you were stranded on a desert island with only one song to listen to and one book to read for the duration, what would they be?

Dream On by Aerosmith. The book would probably be The Purpose-Driven Life. I've read some of it but if I were deserted on an island I'd probably have a few minutes to read it all.

If they were going to execute you tomorrow, rightly or wrongly, what would your last meal consist of?

Start out with some spicy buffalo wings. Then move on to a nice ribeye steak (medium rare). Then top it off with a brownie ice cream sundae.

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