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Volunteer opportunities abound in Lawrence
August 14, 2004
When Claire Scharenberg arrived as a freshman last year at Kansas University, she was intimidated. “I was nervous coming to KU in the first place because it is such a big university,” she said. “I didn’t have a community like I did in high school.”
Tenants should focus on safety, officials stress
August 14, 2004
A group of late-night partygoers at a second-floor Lawrence apartment learned a safety lesson the hard way last fall, when an overloaded deck collapsed. Approximately 20 Kansas University students were packed on the deck at the apartment, 925 Ark. Two people were injured.
Volunteers escort students through campus late at night
August 14, 2004
When darkness falls, students concerned about safety are JayWalking. JayWalk, a service provided by Kansas University’s Student Senate, began in October 2003 and has volunteers available to escort people walking alone at night on campus.
Volunteer opportunities abound
May 28, 2004
When Claire Scharenberg arrived as a freshman last year at Kansas University, she was intimidated.
Residence hall safety an issue
May 28, 2004
Eric Wellhausen began his career at Kansas University like most freshmen. He arrived from home, excited about college and ready to meet hundreds of new students.
In the halls
What was the best thing about prom?
May 10, 2004
Chamber praises Realtor’s committee work
April 24, 2004
When the Lawrence Chamber of Commerce needs something done, it knows whom to call.
United Way, chamber honor four companies for service
April 24, 2004
The United Way of Douglas County and Lawrence Chamber of Commerce Friday recognized four companies that are giving back to their communities.
Dobski ‘wants to give back’ to community
Restaurant owner honored by chamber for leadership skills
April 24, 2004
After nearly two decades of serving her community, Marilyn Dobski is being recognized for her work.
Former county register of deeds honored
April 24, 2004
Susan Neustifter’s good deeds for the Lawrence community have earned her several awards. But it was her ability to keep track of deeds that earned her the Lawrence Chamber of Commerce’s Buford M. Watson Jr. Public Service Award Friday.

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