Breakfast by the river now a new North Lawrence option; bike shop to leave East Lawrence for new location

Published August 29, 2016

North Lawrence’s newest diner doesn’t have a stationary bike that lets you work off breakfast as you are eating it, but it does have a large bicycle theme to it.

New KU merchandise store opens along 23rd Street; dream of Mexican/Italian restaurant dashed

Published August 26, 2016

No one will ever confuse the The Malls shopping center at 23rd and Louisiana with Allen Fieldhouse. (I don’t want to get into all the details, but if you show up with a "K" painted on your bare chest, it is not well received at certain establishments in The Malls.) But soon at The Malls, you will be able to buy the same KU gear that previously was for sale inside Allen Fieldhouse.

New bargain store opens on 23rd Street; speculation of a gun range plan; Kansas last in new construction report

Published August 25, 2016

Among the great business strategies are buy low, sell high, and always bet on the college students ruining the carpet in their apartments. A new Lawrence business is definitely counting on the second one.

Lawrence food manufacturer lands on Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing private companies

Published August 23, 2016

I’ve long been a proponent of eating more vegetables, which is why you’ll often find me with a bag of candy corn attached to my belt. Some of you, though, prefer veggie burgers, and a Lawrence-based company has now ridden that idea to become one of the fastest growing private companies in the country.

Is Lawrence the biggest part-time city in America? Plus, a look at other recent job statistics for the city

Published August 22, 2016

As the students return, it is an important time for numbers in Lawrence. Two of the most important: the PIN for the ATM and the phone number to the parents, which becomes particularly important when the first number no longer works. Here’s a look at a few other numbers important to Lawrence’s economy.

City to land Caribbean-themed bar and grill; Reggae Fest tonight in downtown; a rundown of recently approved street events

Published August 19, 2016

Imagine the best part of the Renaissance Festival — turkey legs the size of a VW bus — coming to downtown Lawrence. Now imagine them being Jamaican jerked turkey legs, and that they are available late at night after partaking at a new reggae hangout. What am I talking about? Downtown Lawrence is set to get a new Caribbean-themed restaurant and bar.

New Thai restaurant set to open along 23rd Street; Chinese restaurant coming to once-popular Sixth Street spot

Published August 18, 2016

I normally wouldn’t recommend traveling to Thailand via a Topeka connection. But this may be the exception, and, no, it doesn’t involve an 82-hour layover and a crop duster from Forbes Field. A longtime Topeka restaurant duo is opening a new Thai restaurant in Lawrence that they promise will give you a real taste of the Far East cuisine.

Home construction in Lawrence takes a dip; Lawrence's apartment boom vs. what's happening in KC

Published August 17, 2016

I’m still waiting for the boom to come. Yes, those were the last words I remember saying before waking up on July 5 with a head bandage and a patriotic ringing of the ears. But what I’m talking about this morning is a Lawrence boom in single-family housing construction.

Time to consider a different future for the Lawrence Public Library

Published August 16, 2016

There are many emotions the Lawrence Public Library evokes: joy in gaining new knowledge; pride in the community gathering place the library has become; fear that a librarian will whack me in the knee upon seeing my unpaid overdue book fines.

New apartment complex planned for south Lawrence; city's library lands on list of most spectacular libraries in the world

Published August 12, 2016

There are times I think it would be wise for me to live directly across the street from a home improvement center. The quicker I get my supplies, the quicker the project starts, the quicker the ambulance arrives, and everyone wins in that situation. Well, plans have been filed for a new apartment complex across the street from Menards.

South Iowa Street scuttlebutt: National fabric store to locate in Lawrence, boutique changes focus, chain restaurant set to open

Published August 11, 2016

Let’s get caught up on some south Iowa Street scuttlebutt . . . As a man who lives in a family with quilters, I can tell you there is some sewing table gossip that will get you a needle in the nose if you repeat it. But I think I can safely report this, and technically it is not gossip anymore: Lawrence soon will have another national fabric store chain as part of its retail mix.

A peek at a new 'chic but casual' west Lawrence restaurant

Published August 10, 2016

I suspect the idea of upscale dining for John Wilson — the founder of North Lawrence’s Johnny’s Tavern — may have involved extra salt on the bowl of peanuts at the bar. Or if it was an anniversary dinner, or something like that, perhaps some tomato juice in the pitcher of beer. But Wilson’s alter ego — a new west Lawrence restaurant called J. Wilson’s — has a decidedly different take.

West Lawrence grocery begins new program to allow customers to order online, pick up groceries at the curb; an odd KU ranking

Published August 9, 2016

The two most dangerous words on the internet: Buy now. When Amazon was created, my house ended up with a library, complete with lobby furniture. And one thing I can assure you is that my household likes food a lot better than we like books, so I wonder what will happen now that a Lawrence Dillons store has become one of the few in the state that take online orders.

Large 23rd and Iowa retailer going out of business; a grocery store rumor; home sales up in June

Published August 4, 2016

This ending was easy enough to predict. When we reported in June that the Hastings bookstore chain had filed for bankruptcy and had put the entire business up for sale, it wasn’t hard to predict that a buyer wouldn’t be found. Folks interested in buying national bookstore chains probably have all their money tied up in Packard and telegraph collections.

Grad student in KU's journalism program accused of falsifying visa application, faces felony charges

Published August 4, 2016

In the batch of felony charges filed against a former University of Kansas graduate student in the journalism school, one especially stands out: He's accused of lying. Goran Sabah Ghafour, 34, faces two felony counts of aggravated identity theft and one felony count of visa fraud, according to a news release from Tom Beall, acting U.S. attorney in the District of Kansas.