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Introducing Limestone's 'Neoprairie' pizza

Published April 24, 2014

The 20,000-pound limestone, wood-fired behemoth that heats up to 1,000 degrees and bakes a pizza in 90 seconds is the key ingredient for the Neapolitan-style pizza made from Kansas flour, local farm-sourced tomatoes and other regional ingredients. The masterminds behind the operation have coined these 12-inch pies as “Neoprairie,” each created with the subtlety of a few basic ingredients. By Nadia Imafidon

A gift for most every kind of mom

Published April 24, 2014

If you take time to think about mom outside of her mom life, it becomes less of a challenge to find the item that will make her feel like the queen bee that she is on this special day. Check out the small sampling of local goods for every kind of mom. By Nadia Imafidon

Bite Sighs: Cinnamon rolls with a twist

Published April 23, 2014

When my friend Angie asked for a King cake last month, I was happy to oblige. I found an excellent recipe online, made the cake and was immediately addicted. Since my daily carb limit doesn’t include huge portions of cake, I decided to have a go at adapting the recipe to something smaller. Turns out, it lends itself perfectly to cinnamon rolls. Wanna try? Feel free to follow along! By Audrey Lintner

Morel mushrooms are a rare delight

Published April 23, 2014

While they’re deserving of their deeply savory and earthy reputation, morel mushrooms — which have a short season in mid-spring in Kansas — are all but impossible to grow yourself. In order to get a basket full, you either have to know how to forage for them or know someone else who does. By Meryl Carver-Allmond

Allergy season worse than usual, but more options than ever for a cure

Published April 22, 2014

It's been a rough spring so far for allergy sufferers, with tree pollen counts reaching abnormally high levels in the Kansas City area recently. On the bright side, allergy doctors say there are more quality treatment options available than ever before, including several than can be purchased over the counter. By Giles Bruce

Upgrade him: How men can look their part this spring

Published April 17, 2014

For most men like Will Dale who multitask in their professional and personal lives, shopping to achieve the perfect balance between work appropriate and comfortable isn't at the top of their list. With help from some local businesses that sell menswear, we assembled three looks for three occasions to help give Dale, and any man in a similar situation, the confidence he needs to dress for his busy lifestyle. By Alma Bahman and Nadia Imafidon

Get to know the Farmer's Ball semi-finalists

Published April 17, 2014

From 60 local band submissions, whittled down to 16 by KJHK/SUA committee members, and sliced in half by the community through online voting, eight bands will go head-to-head this Saturday, April 19 at The Bottleneck, at 8 p.m. This is the 20th year of this battle of the local/regional bands. It’s the second year the two organizations have been able to offer monetary prizes: the top reward being $2,000 and runner up receiving $1,000. By Nadia Imafidon

Fix-It Chick: How to eradicate wild onions from your yard

Published April 17, 2014

If your lawn is filled with tufts of bright-green, waxy, smelly foliage, it may be time to get out the shovel and start digging. Wild onions are invasive plants, spreading year to year both from seed and bulb. A multi-tiered plan of action is the best way to eradicate wild onions. By Linda Cottin

Easter eggs Benedict: Whip up a brunch classic, then top it with smoked trout

Published April 16, 2014

Our family always have a special Easter brunch. When we’re with extended family we might do something more complicated, but this year — since it’s just going to be our little family of three — I think we’re going to do an easy eggs Benedict. By Meryl Carver-Allmond

Delicious/Nutritious: Bringing leeks out of hiding

Published April 16, 2014

Leeks are often the background of French cooking. They're onions, but milder than the yellow or red varieties Americans more often use. They saute beautifully and also add a textural element if you don't puree them into a sauce or soup. Take a look at these delicious and nutritious recipes that incorporate leeks in a different way. By Sarah Henning and Megan Stuke

11 things you're doing to your skin that you shouldn't be

Published April 15, 2014

The sun, lack of exercise, happy hour: A lot can affect your skin and its health. Check out these 11 things you're doing to your skin that you shouldn't be, according to Lawrence skin-care experts. By Giles Bruce

Town Talk: City receives just one proposal to redevelop dilapidated East Lawrence property; rumblings of Buffalo Wild Wings, barbecue and a downtown diner

Published April 11, 2014

City commissioners recently went through the unusual process of taking the house and real estate at 1106 Rhode Island St. by eminent domain. As part of the eminent domain process, the city paid $114,500 for the dilapidated and vacant house and barn that sit just east of the Judicial and Law Enforcement Center in downtown. Last month, commissioners sent out an RFP saying they wanted to receive proposals on how to redevelop the property, with the caveat that the old structures wouldn't be demolished. City staff members now report that the city received just one proposal. By Chad Lawhorn

Spring greens: Six ideas to kick off salad season using fresh ingredients

Published April 10, 2014

It’s time to dust off those salad tongs and stock up on greens because salad season is here again. Sure, thanks to year-round availability, it can be salad season anytime, but over the next few weeks the locally grown greens will be popping up, both at the Lawrence Farmers Market and in early vegetable gardens around town. So if you haven’t been making salads all winter — or have been buying pre-made or restaurant salads — it’s time for a little inspiration. By Sarah Henning

Making Gatsby great: Theatre Lawrence production the perfect challenge for director

Published April 10, 2014

Theatre Lawrence's production of "The Great Gatsby," which kicks off Friday and runs through April 27, tells the story a Jazz Age millionaire and the young man who is drawn to him. By John R. Phythyon Jr.

The presidential history of mac and cheese

Published April 9, 2014

Thomas Jefferson — who would be a youthful 271 years old on April 13 if he were still alive — has plenty of well-known achievements. But my favorite bit of historical trivia about the author of the Declaration of Independence is much more humble: Jefferson was partly responsible for importing the recipe for macaroni and cheese to the United States. By Meryl Carver-Allmond

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