Weekly update: Douglas County Registered Offender Map

The following offenders have moved recently, and their current addresses are listed below:

• David Samuel Stevens, 35, indecent solicitation, Oskaloosa, 2000, photo link.
• Casey Lee Carter, 31, drug selling, Lawrence, 2008, photo link.
• Jermaine Leslie Miller, 36, indecent solicitation, Manhattan, 1996, photo link.
• Michelle Lynn Preston, 29, unlawful sexual relations, Olathe, 2010, photo link.
• Robert Jerome Shaner, 46, drug selling, Paola, 2011, photo link.
• Robert Christopher Peterson, 68, attempted sexual exploitation of a child, Lawrence, 2006, photo link, news article.
• Stephen Carl Scott, 30, attempted aggravated indecent liberties, 2004, Lawrence, photo link, news story.

The map below indicates all registered offenders in Douglas County. Red dots indicate sex offender, blue dots indicate violent offenders, green dots indicate drug offenders, and yellow dots indicate offenders with more than one offender designation. Offenders who have recently moved have a black dot inside their their marker.

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What is the Kansas Offender Registry?
The registry is an online service compiled by the Kansas Bureau of Investigation and lists the names, offenses, and addresses of Kansans convicted of certain sexual, violent, and drug crimes. The full text of the law instituting the registry can be found here.

The registry includes information about offenders who committed crimes after April 14, 1994.

What type of offenders are listed in the registry?
Three type of offenders are listed in the registry: sexual, violent and drug offenders.

There are a wide range of crimes that can land someone on the registry. For instance, someone might have to register as a sex offender for crimes such as prostitution, sexual battery or rape.

Violent crimes that can require registration include such crimes as murder, kidnapping, or an assault with a deadly weapon.

Drug crimes that require registration can include drug manufacturing, selling or possession of certain substances.

For a full list of crimes that require registration, click here.

What type of information is available from the registry?
The registry includes home, work, and school addresses, as well as vehicle information and offenses committed for registered offenders, along with an updated picture. Citizens can sign up for alerts from the KBI, which will send out notifications when someone in a designated location changes an address.

The registry also lists whether or not an offender is compliant; that is, whether they verified their address with law enforcement every several months as required by law.

What the Journal-World's Offender Site shows
Our registered offender website includes a searchable map of Douglas County with names and offenses of offenders, plus links to photos of offenders and links to any articles about the crimes.

On a weekly basis, the site will be updated to include any offenders who may have moved in or out of the area.