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Sound Off: Water fountains

Why are the water fountains on the Burroughs Creek Trail not working? Neither of the two between 15th and 19th streets worked on May 14.

Fountains are turned on once evening temperatures are above freezing, according to city communications manager Megan Gilliland. Last week, there was still a threat of freezing. Now that temperatures have warmed, all fountains will be on by the end of this week.


gccs14r 5 years ago

Last frost day for this part of Kansas is May 15th, so it's not a surprise that the fountains stay off past then.

Bike 5 years ago

Own Sound Off - Walking to Free State graduation last night with elderly parents, why are side walks in several places covered with packed mounds of leftover construction dirt? Very hard for some to manage, wheelchairs have to be pushed around through street. Is this the school's job, or City's?

Hooligan_016 5 years ago

Probably whatever contractor was working there last ...

hooligan01 5 years ago

Own Sound Off - Why has Sound Off become nothing but small single person complaints. I remember when it use to be questions that more than 2 people in the community could benefit from.

isoscelesnewton 5 years ago

Own Sound Off - When will the new Fazoli's open?

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