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Sound Off: Rural Recycling

I am wondering what options the rural area will have when the city goes to citywide recycling.

The city of Lawrence currently operates a number of drop-off collection points for recyclable material that are available to anyone. In the fall of 2014, city spokeswoman Megan Gilliland said, the city will begin providing a “single-stream recycling collection service” for all single-family and multifamily customers within the city limits. That pickup service will not be available outside of the city limits. “Rural area residents may contact their trash haulers or other curbside recycling haulers to see if they provide recycling collection services in their area,” Gilliland said. “In addition, there are privately owned recycling centers in the area that accept recyclable materials (e.g., 12th and Haskell Recycle-Center, Lonnie’s Recycling, Wal-Mart’s Eco-Center).”
According to City Manager David Corliss, the city may continue providing some drop-off collection points but probably fewer than are available now. He said the city would monitor the demand for drop-off collection service to determine how many remain open.


none2 11 months ago

I just hope that the city's decision to take over the recycling business doesn't mean that 12th and Haskell, Lonnie's, and Walmart get out of the business.

I feel sorry for the private recycling business that picked up recyclables over the years. I assume that the city take-over will put them out of business. Why the government wants to take over the private sector, I don't know.

Were these privately ran recycling companies really greedy large corporations disguising themselves as small local companies?


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