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Sound Off: Reporting texters

Being in a college town, virtually every time I’m sitting at a stoplight, I see what appear to be college students or young people texting while driving. Is there a way to report people who text and drive?

Megan Gilliland, the city’s communications manager, said: Reports of traffic violations and other incidents can be made by calling police dispatch at 832-7509. Emergencies can be reported by calling 911.


bearded_gnome 11 months, 3 weeks ago

Is there a way to report people who text and drive?

---paintball guns!


GMom05 1 year ago

What about people that are just looking at their phone to check the time? I know a lot of people these days that no longer wear a watch and just pull out their phone instead. What if it looks like they're about to read a text, but are just checking the time? Not all vehicles have working clocks on the dash. Just a thought.


g_rock 1 year ago

Yah wait wait wait waaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiit.

You see them texting at stop lights.

yah and.........the word STOP. what is wrong with the question? I'm confused.


Stain 1 year ago

They don't enforce people turning without signaling either. This is a terrible habit and causes accidents and near-accidents. Lawrence is HORRIBLE for not signaling drivers.

I doubt the police would even issue a reminder if they were reported.


Richard Heckler 1 year ago

Covered under "Irresponsible Driving" Ordinance. However may lack teeth. And must be witnessed by law enforcement.


Leslie Swearingen 1 year ago

By the way, I have a new blog up about the wonders of technology. appreciate a reader or two. Thanks.


Leslie Swearingen 1 year ago

And, the wheels on the bus go round and round.


Roland Gunslinger 1 year ago

Next month we'll see an inundation of LJW users complaining of the police setting up speed traps and how they're just trying to fill a quota.

Some people are never happy.


Keith Richards 1 year ago

If the police department wants a fancy new police station, then they should pay for by actually enforcing traffic ordinances.


gsxr600 1 year ago

Oh yeah, must only be young people and college students..

And let's all be real here. You can get away with speeding and running red lights pretty much everywhere in Lawrence. Why? Because there's hardly ever any real traffic enforcement in this town. Calling in someone that is texting while driving will probably illicit a roll-your-eyes approach by the dispatcher.


trinity 1 year ago

Citizen's ARREST, citizen's ARREST!!!


repaste 1 year ago

1.3 million crashes a year.


jjt 1 year ago

If the good folk of Lawrence actually cared about texting or using the phone while driving then the Police could deal with it. A couple of plain cloths officers hanging around a number of different crossroad junctions and radioing a patrol car down the road to pull over the offender. It would get around quickly. Don't we sometimes think where is there a Police officer when we want one, more unmarked simple patrol cars between 7 and 9am would cure a great deal of this stuff. We just do not want to pay for it and the Police have to prioritize what they do.


Bob Forer 1 year ago

I don't understand the younger generation's infatuation with texting. Yes, it is occasionally a useful tool to send someone a short and necessary message, e.g. "be a few minutes late." But if you have something of substance to say, it is impossible to communicate such a message through those contraptions


thebcman 1 year ago

Being in a college town, virtually every time I’m sitting at a stoplight, I see what appear to be college students or young people picking their nose while driving. Is there a way to report people who pick their nose and drive?


Currahee 1 year ago

How are you going to prove that they were texting? By pulling out YOUR phone and taking a picture of them with their license plate, which is just as bad as texting.


wolflover1969 1 year ago

Last week I was at a red light, it turns green and we are still sitting there... you can plainly see that the driver in front of me holding up traffic is texting. I normally don't honk, I give the person time to pay attention, however this day I had to use the ladies room something fierce, so I honked! He goes to flip me the bird, and can't even flip me the bird because his damn cell phone is glued to his hand, he couldn't even put his phone down to give an impatient person an actual middle finger salute! Cell phones should utilize some type of GPS signal that puts them into airplane mode (unable to send/receive calls/texts) while they are moving.


GUMnNUTS 1 year ago

You have to be kidding us with this sound off question.


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