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Sound Off: Provost salaries

With Kansas University currently experiencing budget constraints, how many vice provost and assistant provosts does KU have, and what are their annual salaries?

KU currently has five vice provosts and four associate vice provosts. Here are their salaries for the current fiscal year: • Sara Rosen, senior vice provost for academic affairs (and professor of linguistics): $212,300 • Tammara Durham, vice provost for student affairs: $145,000 • Diane Goddard, vice provost for administration and finance: $213,300 • Mary Hummert, vice provost for faculty support (and professor of communication studies): $197,000 • Matthew Melvin, vice provost for enrollment management: $180,000 • Ann Cudd, vice provost and dean of undergraduate studies, $197,000. • Francis DeSalvo, associate vice provost for student affairs: $121,255 • Susan Gronbeck-Tedesco, associate vice provost for international programs: $127,500 • Richard McKinney, associate vice provost/budget director: $171,250 • Barry Swanson, associate vice provost for operations: $165,000 KU also has one vacant vice provost position, for which it is interviewing candidates this summer: vice provost for diversity and equity.


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