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Sound Off: Snow routes

Does the city of Lawrence have a policy of asking vehicles to be off the streets before a snow storm so the plows can operate better?

“No, the city does not have emergency snow routes,” said Megan Gilliland, the city’s communications manager.


HawkitToEm 5 years ago

another question: Does the city have an order to the streets they plow first? it could just be an east-of-iowa conspiracy theory, but the residential streets west of iowa seem to be plowed sooner and better than those east of iowa....

Alfred_W 5 years ago

Living west of Wakarusa mine was one of the last streets plowed.

jhawkinsf 5 years ago

There has to be some order in which streets are plowed. New Jersey and Connecticut get plowed before the right between them New York. My guess is that's because the "T" goes on N.J. and Conn. Eleventh and 13th. gets plowed before 12th., always. The city must be concentrating on the more traveled streets, as they should in my opinion.

And my street west of Iowa, a relatively little traveled street, it the last to be plowed. So the conspiracy is East lawrence and my street. :-)

elliottaw 5 years ago

The city does not have an order that they plow street, I believe it is done by pulling straws

Leslie Swearingen 5 years ago

The question was totally evaded as it was not about emergency snow routes. It was about cars being removed from streets so that plows can clear them more effectively. I believe that many cities do this. The objection to this policy is that people do not have anyplace else to park their cars. So, in cities like Boston to where do they move their cars?

Eugehne Normandin 5 years ago

plow the street shovel your sidewalk and shut up I i thought Kansasns were tough people not a bunch of whiny babies.

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