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Sound Off: Yankee Tank dam

Was public money (city or country) used to rebuild Yankee Tank dam? If it was, can the public fish, camp and picnic on that lake?

Megan Gilliland, the city’s communications manager, provided this answer: The reconstruction work on the Yankee Tank dam was accomplished with funding sources from the federal government, the watershed district, Douglas County, Kansas Department of Transportation, the adjacent private property owners and the city. The total cost was $1.5 million. The city commission approved $75,000 for the project from stormwater utility funds because the lake and dam serve as regional stormwater detention for this part of the city. There is no public access to the lake.


Steven Gaudreau 1 year ago

The land is privately owned around the lake so there is no private access. Rural water district I think is the one who controls the lake but the land owners I know have 0 control. Anyway, whomever has control over the lake drained the lake years ago which devalued the lots from $150k to $20k. The land owners had no hand or control in how the lake or damn project was being treated. If I recall it was a flood issue and the county deemed the damn necessary. All this project did was bring the value of the lots partially back to where they once were and nothing more.


Tradways 1 year ago

Since the lake is not public, then those few houses that rec'd government welfare needs to sign an agreement to never speak badly of those that receive traditional welfare. You know the ones they say that just sit around using drugs all day on their dime.


jman785 1 year ago

"no public access" That's fine. I don't need a sidewalk or road. I will just walk up the dam and fish/picnic or whatever.


toe 1 year ago

They have a nice rec center now, too.


Keith Richards 1 year ago

The few homes that get a nice scenic lake view are all valued over $1 million dollars. Good thing thing these poor people were able to rely on the taxpayers for their private lake.


Joe Blackford II 1 year ago

"no public access to the lake."

Yes, KS is #1, with the Least Per Capita Public Lands in the Nation (50th, if you look at how it is reported.

I have a family member who works the Federal side (CoE, EPA, USFWS) on new permits for "private dams" & stormwater runoff mitigation @ new developments in KS. The Kansas side (KDOT & KDWPT) has NO desire to add anything to the lands managed by the state. That's how you control work load when your agency has been under the knife forever.

Yes, Rhode Island has more public lands per person . . . . . and Kansas has held the title on 50th for a Looooong time. Don't wait until Clinton Lake looks like Tuttle, come over & see what the future of Kansas Public Lands & Recreation has in store for your quality of life.


consumer1 1 year ago

I remeber being an oppenent of this when it was first happening. All I got on this blog was hateful comments and being called names for being concerned about waste of taxpayer dollars for private homes. because it falls under the "water shed" distirct these funds could be used. NOW! Does anyone remember the small lake/pond that was located in the 10 hundred block of Monterey way?? This was surrounded by middle income houses. That lake/pond was drained. At the time they called it, a "liability". Money Talks and BS walks.


Keith 1 year ago

There they are, the 47%, the takers.


repaste 1 year ago

So there. $1.43 million in our tax dollars for how many houses? That is Kansas welfare.


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