Sound Off

Sound Off: Is it legal if a person has parked their vehicle in their driveway, but a portion of the vehicle blocks off the sidewalk?

The city’s traffic laws prohibit the parking of a vehicle on a sidewalk, according to Meagan Gilliland, the city’s communications manager. Violations can be reported to the non-emergency line for Douglas County dispatch, 832-7509.


DillonBarnes 3 years ago

Should I walk around the car?

Naa, I'll call the police.

gccs14r 3 years ago

The blind, folks in wheelchairs, children...

appleaday 3 years ago

Should I park my car so people walking on the sidewalk can get by easily? Naa, I'll just block the sidewalk.

blogme 3 years ago

No doubt, why should I be an adult when the cops can do my bidding. It's all in the name of a better society you know!?! Too bad the worthless people in it aren't any better. What ever happened to neighbors being able to talk to each other about things? It's been replaced by "Eeeeewwwww, I feel intimidated by my neighbor. I'm gonna tattle tell to the cops"

What's going to be the next Sound Off Question? I don't like my neighbor, what can I do? Meagan Gilliland will inform you to call the cops for that as well and they'll keep your identity secret so said person has no recourse! The cops will come by and issue you a citation for being such a low life despicable person that someone just had to call you in and report ya. Now that's building Lawrence into a first rate city! No one talks to anyone anymore, they just call the cops. Great answer!

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 3 years ago

Yes, it would be better if neighbors could talk to each other. But the reasons they don't vary from one set of neighbors to the next. If the neighbor happened to be bartstop (see his/her post below) would you really want to subject yourself to the abuse you'd likely get for suggesting that they follow the law?

blogme 3 years ago

Gladly. But, I guess I'm more of a doer than a cryer.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 3 years ago

And if your "doing" accomplishes nothing but a screaming match with your neighbor, and the car still blocking the sidewalk?

blogme 3 years ago

I seem to be getting you going...Seems I'm doing something. But obviously I digress. I'm not saying you should never reach out for assistance from the police, but it is being abused far too often when most times asking a neighbor nicely does the job. Additionally, I've never let a car infringing on a sidewalk keep me from using the sidewalk. You can always walk around it, sometimes you might even walk on the grass. Make it an obstacle course and go up and knock on the persons door if nothing else.

jafs 3 years ago


I had similar experiences - now I'm much more inclined to just call the police and let them deal with it.

John Hamm 3 years ago

Hey! You ever hear of the "American's with Disabilities Act?" Apparently not but you probably should read up on it a little bit! Here's a link to make it easier - this way you won't have to walk around the car parked blocking the sidewalk. 8^(

bublite 3 years ago

And how about kids walking to school? Should they just walk into the street to get around the car?

blogme 3 years ago

I've never seen a situation where the poor school child couldn't walk around the car, either on sidewalk or on the grass. Have you? Bet you've seen the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow too huh? While we are at it, how many times do you see someone walking down the street when there is a perfectly good sidewalk to walk on? See it all the time. Makes me wonder what the sidewalk is for, and usually I ask them that as I drive by.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 3 years ago

"While we are at it, how many times do you see someone walking down the street when there is a perfectly good sidewalk to walk on? "

Maybe that's because of all the cars blocking the sidewalks.

blogme 3 years ago

Again, most people with sidewalks have grass as well that is perfect for walking on.

James Findley 3 years ago

Bunch of do nothing lazy cry babies, walk in front of the car if you can't handle the responsibility of walking in the street. Walk behind the car if you can handle the responsibility of walking in the street. Do a front hand spring off the trunk of the car if you are a Bad Motha. Frankly there are sidewalks in Lawrence more treacherous to the elderly and handicapped then busy streets, muddy lawns, uneven surfaces... This is ridiculous argument and law.. Frankly I feel that the only way anyone should suffer a violation is due to personal injury resulting from said offending motor vehicle. Oh yea Pywicket.. I think you should find better social issues to devote your writing prowess to.. like say... convincing our governor to give recently stripped female reproductive rights back to them!

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 3 years ago

"Bunch of do nothing lazy cry babies, "

Spoken by a do-nothing crybaby too lazy to park properly.

kernal 3 years ago

Excuse me, I'm going to butt in here. Yes, blogme, I've seen kids who have had to walk in the street, a busy street at that, to get around cars blocking a sidewalk. One of them was almost hit by oncoming traffic. There, now you have it from an eye witness right here in Lawrence.

As for people who walk in the street when there's a perfectly good sidewalk. The only two I can think of offhand have mental illness issues and I've no idea why they walk in the street.

David Albertson 3 years ago

I've been ticketed for parking in my own d@mn driveway! How rediculous is that? If you're walking down a sidewalk and a car is blocking your path, walk around the dang car! You're on foot!!!!! Supporters of this law really irritate the hell out of me. What's next? Am I going to be required to install a drinking fountain in my front yard just in case a jogger gets thirsty while on my property? Or maybe I'll get ticketed if there's snow on my driveway. Whoops, you already got me on that one! Go walk in the street cry babies.

grimpeur 3 years ago

Wow. Just wow.

Tell ya what: keep yer car out of everyone else's right of way and you won't have to worry, mmmkay?

No wonder laws like this are needed.

Eugehne Normandin 3 years ago

When I encounter a car blocking a sidewalk I like to kick it.Maybe the police should enforce laws instead of waiting for a complaint

WashedUpWarrior 3 years ago

YOU ARE RIGHT!!!! there should be at least 5 cops that drive around neighborhoods and give tickets to cars parked in their own drive way if they block the sidewalk. That's what they should do.

OK don't block the's the city's....if you don't like it move to a house without a sidewalk.

but this comment blows my mind

grimpeur 3 years ago

Get your car off the public right of way. Move it.

The complete disrespect and discourtesy displayed by these schmucks is just another symptom of car owners' pathological inability to consider the law or anyone around them.

This is why I jog in golf cleats.

The responses indicate that these cars should be towed, not ticketed.

Hooligan_016 3 years ago

Oh yes, you get a ticket. A house we were renting on Kentucky St. had a driveway that went across the sidewalk. Needless to say, the nose of my car was maybe half a foot in the sidewalk area (so my rear bumper wasn't hanging out in the street) .... instant $55 ticket. Nuts.

Hooligan_016 3 years ago

ed. I'm not trying to defend "parking on the sidewalk," just that my car was not explicitly BLOCKING the sidewalk (really not even in the way) but I get a ticket while I have seen other cars on KY and TN blatantly on the sidewalk for days without a ticket.

Bud Stagg 3 years ago

IT'S NOT YOUR DRIVEWAY! When you bought your property, you agreed to the easement the city has for the sidewalk. Same reason they can dig up your yard for utilities or road work. It's also a guage to tell you to clean out your garage or sell the junker sitting in your driveway.

Joe Berns 3 years ago

While this doesn't currently affect me since my street doesn't have sidewalks, I can argue that when I bought my last house I signed no such agreement nor was I informed of any such agreement that I had agreed to the easement the city had for the sidewalk. Neither my realtor nor attorney ever told me about such easement agreement nor was it in my paperwork.

At my current house, yes, I was informed of the sewer easement at the back of my property and was advised that the city can come in at any time and dig up my fence to get to it. That is a risk I take but I am aware of it.

sleepy33 3 years ago

It's in the city code that the city owns an easement from (I believe) 30 ft from the midpoint of the street into everyone's yard, whether you have a sidewalk there or not. It's there so they can widen the street if necessary, and access the water/sewer/gas/etc lines that feed in to your house from the main lines in the street. While no one may have explicitly told you, I guarantee it's in the official deed to your property.

gccs14r 3 years ago

I just had a staked survey done and the front pins for my property are 16' back from the curb line of the street. So a 16x63 area in front of my house is city property. The lot is as described in the deed, but it's not obvious what that really means without a survey.

sleepy33 3 years ago

gccs14r, your property line begins exactly where anyone would expect it to begin, knowing the city code dictates property lines begin 30' from the center line of the street.

Not that you didn't, but everyone should educate themselves on local codes and homeowner's associations covenants when they are shopping for a house.

Tomato 3 years ago

If you look carefully, there is some fine print on the paperwork you signed that says that you agree to easements and covenants. It doesn't matter if you were provided copies - it was your responsibility to call city hall and ask.

Personally, I'd like chickens in my backyard. But the covenant that I "agreed" to when I bought my property forbids it. The fact that no one informed me about the covenant and I was not provided a copy does not mean I didn't "agree" to it by signing my name on one of the many papers they gave me when I bought my house.

Russell Fryberger 3 years ago

Get a bigger driveway and get out of my way.

David Albertson 3 years ago

The LPD has a full plate with all the shootings, stabbings, gangs, armed robberies, meth labs , etc, etc, but because a small portion of the population chooses to whine and cry about taking a few extra steps to go around a car that is sitting in a driveway (that I own, maintain, pay taxes on, etc), we now have to disbatch our highly paid, highly trained officers to go around and write parking tickets because you don't want to be inconvienced. Police officers should be fighting crime not making sure you have a clear pathway to jog. I'm amazed at how childish some of the residents of Lawrence have become. If having a clear path to jog is that important to you, go find a nature trail somewhere. Quit harrassing your neighbors via the police.

kernal 3 years ago

Everseen a person in a wheelchair try to maneuver around a car blocking the sidewalk after a snow melt or rain? Not an easy task.

David Albertson 3 years ago

I've never seen a person in a wheelchair on my sidewalk.

kernal 3 years ago

I've never seen one on my current sidewalk, but am acquainted with a couple of them and have seen at least seven folks about town, including KU students and employees. So, if I've only seen eight, that means there are more.

Just because you haven't seen a wheelchair user doesn't give you carte blanche to block your driveway. You probably haven't seen a mom with one or two kids in a stroller having to maneuver around your car either, because you probably have better things to do than sit around taking count of who uses your sidewalk 24/7.

MarcoPogo 3 years ago

The simple answer - that you continue to ignore - is that the sidewalk is not yours.

David Albertson 3 years ago

Really? So why do I have to pay taxes for that part of the lot? Why do I have to mow the grass? Why do I have to shovel the snow?

Tomato 3 years ago

Because when you bought the house, you agreed to follow all of the codes of the city in which you bought it. You agreed to easements. You agreed to covenants.

You may not have realized that you were agreeing to it - but it was there.

You were informed that the house you were buying was in the city limits and subject to its codes and laws. You signed a document saying that you agreed to the easements and covenants (probably two - one at the title company and also within the contract you had with the seller - so that you can't go back and sue them for not telling you).

If you move outside of the city you can avoid all of that - although the county has rules too.

MarcoPogo 3 years ago

Excellent logic. Since you pay taxes for the roads, that must mean you get to drive on them at whatever speed you like and in whatever lane you choose. Better yet, take your car down to South Park - your taxes help pay for that too - and park it next to the swings for the day. It's yours after all and nobody can do a thing about it.

Rick Aldrich 3 years ago

Let me be walking and a car is blocking the sidewalk. There's been a few victims already. Just obey the rules you stupid dumb non caring foolish IDIOT'S!!!!

MarcoPogo 3 years ago


I think we have a winner for Ironic Post of the Day!

Liberty275 3 years ago

If you vandalize my car it will affect your karma and you will come back as a Ford. Worse yet, I bet you'll come back as a Taurus.

kernal 3 years ago

Or a Pinto with Firestone tires.

guppypunkhead 3 years ago

I once got a ticket for this and I was mad. Then I discovered that a man in a wheelchair used my sidewalk everyday and he was probably the one that reported me after I did it many times. Humbled.

bad_dog 3 years ago

Sidewalks are for pedestrian traffic, driveways for parking. Don't block the intersection.

As long as you park legally, no one has to cry, whine or gnash teeth. There you go, problem solved.

somebodynew 3 years ago

Not if you are the one who has to use a sidewalk to be able to get around and find it obstructed.

As for the people saying walk around on the grass - - my guess you are probably the same people who would yell "Get off my grass you **&&%%%% kids".

Joe Berns 3 years ago

Maybe, but you sure love to double post! :)

gatekeeper 3 years ago

I've seen a neighbor who has to use a wheel chair out in the street because neighbors block the sidewalk. There's a good reason for this law and it should be enforced.

RoeDapple 3 years ago

"bout time for equalaccessprivates to step in angive us our daily admonishment . . .

David Albertson 3 years ago

So what's next? Are all the homeowners in neighborhoods without sidewalks going to have to pay to have them installed? Maybe every house with stairs leading up to the front door will be required to install a wheelchair ramp just in case a disabled person wants to become a door to door salesman. I can understand why businesses should be wheelchair accessible but requiring homeowners to make their property ADA compliant is ludicrous.

bad_dog 3 years ago

"...requiring homeowners to make their property ADA compliant is ludicrous."

I agree. The suggestion is ludicrous, particularly if you consider this Federal civil rights legislation applies to employers with 15 or more employees and state & local governments; not private homes.

Paul Decelles 3 years ago

Actually some neighborhoods have set up benefit districts that do just that-install sidewalks and pay for them.

gccs14r 3 years ago

I'd love to install a sidewalk out front along the curb, but city code says I can't use brick, and they say it needs to be 5' from the curb. And no other part of the block has sidewalks, so there's nothing to tie to. It'd be a 3' wide strip of concrete to nowhere.

mdlund0 3 years ago

It would be nice if the people who so desperately need to use the sidewalk would pick up the dog s#!t that their pets leave in my yard as they pass by. That is, as long as we're talking about mutual respect here.

Joe Hyde 3 years ago

Deliberately blocking a city sidewalk with a parked vehicle, and deliberately blocking a city street intersection crosswalk by rolling the vehicle past the white "stop here" stripe are anti-social behaviors committed by aggressive, arrogant drivers.

Ticket 'em.

Aiko 3 years ago

Spot On mdlund0! I have seen this countless times in my front yard. As I have watched, most people just let it happen, then look around to make sure the coast is clear then walk away. I have considered next time to put gloves on, go pick it up and throw it at them. I think the City would frown on that however......

bad_dog 3 years ago

Buy a monkey to fling it at 'em...

Tomato 3 years ago

Liar. You thrive on it.

In fact, just for you, consumer1 - When people park on the sidewalk it gets in the way of my riding my bicycle there. I prefer to leave the sidewalk only to run stop signs. Also I ride so fast on sidewalks that it's sometimes hard to stop.

How am I supposed to get to my "free higher education" protest in an environmentally friendly way with all of these cars in my way? I also like to use my bike on the sidewalk or street to bring my produce to the farmer's market to sell to unsuspecting Lawrencians - and when I do, I take up the whole lane or walkway with my pull-along cart.

dwendel 3 years ago

Close. I think it's pretty clear that the LJW posts these sorts of faux controversies intending to cause bickering and increase hit counts for on-line ads. It works really well.

Cant_have_it_both_ways 3 years ago

You could hire Eride to call in the cars that are parked on the sidewalk. Would give her something to snich out during the summer months when the snow is not on.

Ceallach 3 years ago

Stand? Really? Could they? Yes, but should they? Sounds unnecessarily uncomfortable to me.

salad 3 years ago

Anything you do that blocks the sidewalk (public right of way) and forces pedestrians into the street is a violation. If you force someone into the street and they are injured or killed by a car, YOU should be held liable.
Common conservatives, where is your personal responsibility??? You are personally responsible to keep the right of way clear, or you will be personally responsible for paying a fine. Better than being found personally repsonsible for grievious injury in a lawsuit, don't cha think?

gphawk89 3 years ago

One of my neighbors parks this way every day for no apparent reason - they have plenty of room to pull forward. I have to push a stroller through their grass at an angle at both sides of their driveway. I'm not going to push a stroller in the street. Doing this every day for a couple of years now has created some nice little ruts in their grass. You'd think they'd eventually get a clue and park differently but they haven't so far.

Aiko 3 years ago

Maybe they are making more room in their driveway for kids to play so they will not be in the street.. Just a thought. ..

ltownatrain 3 years ago

So personally I just walk around the car even though I know the car is in violation of the city code and I understand for some people this is a nuisance to do but can I just say that what really irks me is the people who block the sidewalk with their car and then scream at you for walking on the grass to get around the car. Just once I would like one of these people to get off their lazy butts and come say it to my face...then I can give them a reason to call the police to report their own violation.

acg 3 years ago

OMG the sniveling in the jworld has reached an all-time high. Waa, I have to walk around a car. Gasp, I'm not the only person on the planet! Boohoo, I have to use my arm muscles and push a stroller with a little extra force. Snivel and whine I am inconvenienced a little bit. Bunch of freakin' whiners. Do you people realize that there are real world issues affecting people right now? Real stuff, not your made-up indignation. I want those of you who whined about this issue to reread this entire thread and then ask yourselves, is this something I should really be whining like a little b*tch about? When folks are being foreclosed on, losing their job, living in a van, unable to pay for food for their kids, dying of horrible diseases, being abuses, raped, or mistreated by "loved ones", etc. I find it hard to swallow that so many of you are whining about trivialities. Shame!

MarcoPogo 3 years ago

Weren't you just complaining about someone's spelling in the thread about the kid's stolen lawnmower yesterday? You left that off your list of world problems.

"OMG, seriously, shut your pie hole and learn how to spell! Now, shoo!"

salad 3 years ago

So, according to you, a person in a motorized wheel chair should either: A. Stay home B. Take their chances in the street. C. Suck it up and get over their permenant disability.

I think you have intentionally overlooked the point made earlier, that the sidewalk in front of your house IS NOT YOURS!!! It belongs to all of us and you have no right to block it.

Cant_have_it_both_ways 3 years ago

We also have the ones that park in the handicapped spaces using a family members permit.

nomorebobsplease 3 years ago

acg- so....Gasp, I'm not the only person on the planet Snivel and whine that I am inconvenienced a little bit That seems to be a more appropriate attitude for those folks who are so self centered that they block the pedestrialn right of way. It's too inconvienent to pull into their garage (or maybe the garage is full of other "stuff"), or up on their driveway, or park on the street. Which, by the way, are all places that cars have a right to be. Where they DON'T have the right to be is on the sidewalk.

CHEEZIT 3 years ago

So if said sidewalk crosses my driveway I can get a ticket for blocking it. When said sidewalk starts to crumble then I have to replace it. Somebody's having their cake and eating it too!

salad 3 years ago

It's the cities responsibility to replace it, which they'll do when they get around to it, not when you think it's the right time. The city will graciously allow you to replace it anytime you want at your expense and with proper permitting. It is, however, a free country and you are welcome to buy land outside the city limits unencumbered with sidewalks and live there.

jafs 3 years ago

Actually, I think the city requires homeowners to fix/replace the sidewalks in front of their houses.

Do you have a source for the idea that the city will do it?

ltownatrain 3 years ago

It is the owners responsibility. It's the same thing with keeping sidewalks clear after storms of snow and limbs in that it is ultimately the owners responsibility. Which is why there is all this fuss and name calling today.

salad 3 years ago

It's the cities responsibility to repair or replace, but you have to read a ways to get to that:

It's the home owners responsibility to clear debris and snow. Give the city a break, and consider how many miles of sidewalk there are to maintain (except for East and North Lawrence....they don't count).

jafs 3 years ago

I looked at that.

It confirms what I thought - it's the homeowner's responsibility to repair and replace sidewalks.

If they don't do it within the time specified, the city can do it and charge them for it.

Read sections 16-209-10.

The work must be done under the supervision of a city employee, and must meet various specifications.

The only section mentioning the city's responsibility had to do with a particular section of Kasold.

Enlightenment 3 years ago

I agree with the ordinance and it should be illegal to block a sidewalk primarily because the handicapped and elderly with physical disabilities rely on the sidewalks.

Also, as long as the petty complaints are flying I'd like to voice my disapproval. I can understand having reserved spaces for those with physical disabilities, but come on already with the special parking privileges for pregnant women. In the majority of cases, women "chose" to become pregnant and it is not a disability so they should not receive special treatment when it comes to parking spaces.

James Findley 3 years ago

Why do these Lawrence sound offs always sound like the were written by some crabby old lady!? If anyone actually reported this to the police I would be highly disappointed in them. I would also tell them that they needed to probably work on getting a better life with more problems of a better kind, because if your griping about this you are obviously the reason why most of the world hates Americans. You slothly, greedy, selfish, arrogant, LAZY, TERRIBLE HUMAN BEINGS!! Get some real troubles.

LadyJ 3 years ago

Of course we all know there are no crabby old men.

James Findley 3 years ago

Or crabby old men!* :) Sorry it's really not an issue of gender.

salad 3 years ago

Backwards: maybe you are the reason the rest of the world hates Americans. Maybe you get your 8 ton SUV off the side walk, put down the donuts, and walk around your neighborhood on the sidewalk. I think you'll find that the people who actually USE the sidewalk are the opposite of "slothly, greedy, selfish, arrogant, lazy, terrible human beings".

salad 3 years ago

It is a real problem. Additionally, you seem to expect that people react to a small, simple problem they can easily do something about by taking on an impossibly large, complex problem that all of humanity can’t seem to crack: “Dang it, yet another giant PU truck blocking the sidewalk! I could give the police non-emergency line a quick call and report it……NO WAIT!!! I’ll cure cancer instead!!! And then I’ll solve poverty!!!” People aren’t like that, we focus on things within our control, and if you block the sidewalk with your vehicle, I will happily inconvenience you with a visit by local law enforcement.

James Findley 3 years ago

Nah you could just maybe, just maybe, get a life... ohhh and some real problems. Thx!

3 years ago

As the person who posed the question for the sound off column, I’m glad to get an answer. I’ve been walking my dogs (yes I pick up after them!) along 19th street several times a week for the last few months. Consistently there are a few houses that have vehicles blocking the sidewalk and on 19th street it is dangerous to get too close to the street. I had 2 motives in mind when I input the question. Finding out if LJ would really get an answer to a user supplied question. And if I got this answer going and asking these people nicely to move forward and let them know that they could get a ticket for parking like this if the PD saw it and decided to write one up.

PS, I may be cranky but I am not old.....yet!

DillonBarnes 3 years ago

I'm glad you are first pursuing a neighborly way of addressing this issue. Good luck, and I hope you can resolve your issue without the need for the police.

James Findley 3 years ago

HAHA! Love it! Goodluck in your conquest of global sidewalk domination! :)

MarcoPogo 3 years ago

^^^ Don't need the apostrophe there. :)

DillonBarnes 3 years ago

WOW! Some people are extremely passionate about sidewalk rights. There are some extremely dumb assumptions people are making about those who may have part of their car in the sidewalk. You really make your true colors show when you call the opposing view "arrogant arses."

Here's my problem, the wheelchair argument is the strongest against keeping sidewalks clear. Admittedly, it's not something I had thought of before. I do see someone in a wheelchair on my street, I think a strong reason for that is just the state of the sidewalks. I'm sure cars make a portion of it, but when you reach a 3 inch cliff in the sidewalk, you may not be able to tackle that in a wheelchair. Should I call the police about a vehicle that is not roadworthy traveling down my street?

I have no problem trying to make room on the sidewalk; but here's how I wish it would go. Someone could come up to my door and explain they have to travel down my sidewalk often and going around the car can be difficult. Heck, they could even leave an anonymous (kind) note explaining it. I would even be okay if a police officer notified me that someone wanted to use the sidewalk. My issue is that I walk about and I have a ticket for it, geez.

I would be happy to work with someone to make our neighborhood better and easier for everyone. But a ticket, that just creates more animosity and resentment. If, after polite and kind attempts, sure, they can be ticketed.

James Findley 3 years ago

^Thank you, your kind neighborly not so fascist police state rhetoric is soothing to my soul..

gccs14r 3 years ago

Why do you need to wait for someone to ask before leaving that space clear? Why not do it now?

DillonBarnes 3 years ago

Because two car barely fit in the driveway. It requires pushing one car up to the garage door and the second bumper to bumper. It can be done, but it's just a matter of time before we start bumping cars and garage doors. Parking on a busy street worries me as well and finding a spot isn't always easy. So, when it's not inconvenient to anyone else, it's much easier for me to have a car sticking in the driveway a little (P.S., it's not far enough to push anyone into the street). I would imagine most people walk around the car without thinking about it (as I did in other people's driveways, didn't think about it until this thread). So, when I'm aware that my car is causing significant impairment to someone traveling on the sidewalk, then I'll make the extra effort.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 3 years ago

"Parking on a busy street worries me as well and finding a spot isn't always easy."

You don't want to park there, but you have no problem forcing someone to walk there.

DillonBarnes 3 years ago

If that is what you got from reading my posts, then any further efforts to try and communicate with you seem pretty futile.

But, I will give it a shot. There is plenty of room to go around my vehicle without going into the street (even in a wheelchair). However, if someone feels like they would want to use sidewalk and not have to walk around, all they have to do is tell me.

CHEEZIT 3 years ago

The sidewalk in question has no on street parking. What is the residence suppose to do if they have multiply vehicles? Park on a side street? In this day and age I like to keep an eye on my valuables and if it occasionaly blocks the sidewalk so be it! Sheriff Taylor said sometimes you have to use the "human equation"!

3 years ago

The houses that I rose the question about have garages and a large driveway. They could pull up more or add gravel to the side and make space for another car.

been_there 3 years ago

salad (anonymous) replies… It's the cities responsibility to replace it, which they'll do when they get around to it, not when you think it's the right time. The city will graciously allow you to replace it anytime you want at your expense and with proper permitting. It is, however, a free country and you are welcome to buy land outside the city limits unencumbered with sidewalks and live there.

As someone who was required to replace the sidewalk in front of my house by the city, I can tell you it is the homeowner's responsibility. They decide when it is done and how long you have to do it. I can also tell you, it's not cheap.

Mel Wedermyer 3 years ago

I once had a neighbor that had shrubs that blocked the view of on coming traffic at an intersection. So I talked to them about the problem. Oh, well what did I get for being nice and polite, getting yelled at for "my problem not theirs". So called the city and they had to cut a few of their shrubs down, now I get dirty looks and snide comments from them. So next time I'll just call the city and take the stress out of it. So much for doing it yourself.

slvrntrt 3 years ago

It's really frustrating when you have a stroller to have to jump curbs to walk around cars that are in the sidewalk.

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