Sound Off

Sound Off: Is Crestline Drive a public or private street between Bob Billings Parkway and University Drive? There is a large commercial sign in the middle of the road, and I thought it was a private development instead of a public street. Which is it? Can private enterprises have signs on public roads?

Megan Gilliland, the city’s communications manager, provided this information: The answer to the question is yes; private signs are allowed on public streets if the sign and/or island mark an area or approved subdivision and are approved by the city with written permission. For the sign in question, the owners of Meadowbrook Apartments signed an agreement with the city in September 2002 to maintain the sign and the landscaped island in the center of Crestline Drive (a public street). The agreement also states that if the owners of Meadowbrook Apartments choose to remove the sign, all landscaping will be removed as well.


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