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Sound Off: Is it OK, according to Kansas State High School Activities Association rules, for Free State High to have a volunteer coach on the field who is not a teacher and not employed by the school district?

Volunteers may not be used as coaches, said Mike Hill, Free State High’s athletic director. Hill encourages anyone who thinks this is occurring to contact him at 832-6050.


classclown 3 years ago

Sounds like someone has an axe to grind. Not unlike the two who are apparently forced to read this column and then like to carry on with their campaign of whining about it.

Clickker 3 years ago

They all get paid. Not much..but they get something.

he_who_knows_all 3 years ago

Is it OK, according to Kansas State High School Activities Association rules, for Free State High Schools head baseball coach and athletic director to coach his 13 year old sons baseball team and hand pick players he thinks will play for him at the high school level?

Shelley Bock 3 years ago

A high school coach can do that, especially when he is coaching his / her child. As to future players, that is speculative until they become enrolled at that school and make the team. KSHSAA only controls what occurs within the high school or at the time the players are of high school age.

he_who_knows_all 3 years ago

Is it OK, according to Kansas State High School Activities Association rules, for Free State High Schools head baseball coach and athletic director to use the Free State athletic facilities for his 13 year old sons baseball team practices while not allowing other 13 year old teams the same priviledges?

Shelley Bock 3 years ago

This is more problematic, but not something which KSHSAA will address. It is an issue for the local school district to resolve.

he_who_knows_all 3 years ago

There's two more questions for sound off. Thanks....and no axe to grind classclown just a concerned parent who wants equal opportunities for all with no favoritism to a select few.

he_who_knows_all 3 years ago

Like I said, no axe to grind. I also don't have a son and my daughters went to Lawrence High.

btw. Nice negative comment, but that seems to be what you usually do. Have a nice day.

Clickker 3 years ago

What a mean spirited comment. Easy to make as anonymous.......

Matthew Herbert 3 years ago

That's a stupid rule. If a KU kid with a future interest in coaching wants to give up his/her time to learn the ropes AND help your kid develop, I see no harm in that.

tomatogrower 3 years ago

It's mostly there to keep out predators, I think. They do background checks on employees, but really they could do that for volunteers too.

rockchalker52 3 years ago

Following a two-day trend, a brief consult with the judges puts cc on notice for 'suspicion of irony.'

Clickker 3 years ago

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avoice 3 years ago

The real travesty is that, because of the requirement that coaches should also be teachers, we get people who shouldn't be teaching but do it because their real talent and passion is coaching. And since the overwhelming majority of coaches tend to choose to teach math and science, it's no mystery that math and science suffer the most in our public educational system in this country.

SVHawk 3 years ago

Most coaches are PE and Social Studies teachers, not math and science.

gl0ck0wn3r 3 years ago

I mostly had them as history and "social studies" teachers in junior and senior high. It wasn't until college that I realized history could be interesting and useful when not taught by someone in coach shorts.

ECM 3 years ago

And then you get the opposite too....some who shouldn't be coaching but should only be teaching.

Vaildini 3 years ago

where did you pull this ridiculous statement from. Most coaches are by far PE and History teachers. Did you go to school?

FlintHawk 3 years ago

avoice, I suspect you're making a generalization from your own experience. Having many years under my holster as a student, an English teacher and a parent of high school students of both genders, it seems to me that the subjects coaches teach run the gamut — as does their subject-matter teaching ability. Might there be a correlation of a coach's ability in the classroom and the athletic field? I.e., if they're lousy teachers are they also lousy coaches?

When I was teaching, the problem I saw was ex-high school and college athletes choosing to become high school administrators. In fact they weren't qualified to teach, coach or manage a school.

One example doesn't' make a trend, but my son's best history teacher at West and later at Free State is a also coach.

classclown 3 years ago

Made_in_China (Paul R. Getto) replies…

Without this rule, for example, the KC Chiefs could volunteer to coach teams in the area schools where they live. This is not a benefit commonly available to kids in, say, Dighton, KS. It's one more attempt to level the playing field a bit. March 20, 2012 at 10:40 a.m


Seems to me if that were to happen, the kids from Dighton would be getting the better end of that bargain.

irvan moore 3 years ago

my coach in junior high was also a teacher, taught social studies, he was a good coach and a good teacher. that was 50 some years ago, thanks coach Kramer

lucky_guy 3 years ago

Volunteer coaches are all over the place in rural KS. 1-A schools have lots of them, especially in girls sports. Most of these are high school jocks that come back to farm or work in the small towns, at the bank or somewhere then coach on the side for kicks and not much money. I can see that in Lawrence this could get to be a conflict of interest, but for South Haven, Caldwell or Argoina it is a necessity.

Tracy Rogers 3 years ago

There should be ZERO volunteer coaches anywhere in the state. If it's happening, they need to be reported.

Joe Berns 3 years ago

Right. Down with community involvement and volunteerism.


Tracy Rogers 3 years ago

There's a right way and a wrong way to do it. If there are rules against doing it, then that is the wrong way.

acg 3 years ago

When I was in school it seemed the coaches taught the health and nutrition classes, watched the idiots in detention, was the study hall "adviser", the lunch room Nazi, subbed for sick teachers and when they did teach it was an easy A class like shop or home ec.

Matthew Herbert 3 years ago

Because of the massive number of sports and the equally massive number of kids doing sports most all teachers either coach or sponsor something. I know VERY few teachers that do nothing but teach. Content generalizations can be cast out the window.

bornon7 3 years ago

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kujayhawk 3 years ago

Coach Wells at LHS was a great coach and a great English teacher.

not_that_crazy 3 years ago

This came up a couple seasons ago with Free State and soccer. At the time, I think it was an innocent mistake by a new coach.

I think the reason is accountability and liability. If equity was an issue it would limit the number of PAID coaches, also.

Calijhawk 3 years ago

Out here in CA, it is out of the norm for a school NOT to have volunteer coaches, or coaches who are not full-time employees of the district, or substitute teachers.

For instance, I am an assistant coach with the high school Freshman team in the community in which I live. I am not an teacher or employee of the district, I worked for free last year. This year I will be paid the stipend a teacher/coach would receive. As for liability, a coach here can easily be ridered onto the district's policy, as long as he passes an FBI check, fingerprinting, etc.

This is because the teacher's union is so powerful that good coaches are often not hired because the district cannot shuffle the faculty to create a teaching position for them. Many of the best coaches in the state are NOT teachers; it is the only way they can be hired freely by a district desiring their services. There are assistant coaches on our staff who teach in OTHER districts three communities down the freeway.

bornon7 3 years ago

See? My point was made...if you had a chance to read it. I said favortism is ripe in Lawrence, as well as letting certain behaviors be allowed. My comment and question was removed. Ouch! Guess I got too close for comfort. So much for freedom of speech. It they don't like what you say, you can be deleted. Who is playing Judge and Jury, LJW?

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