Sound Off

Sound Off: Why are a lot of the trees in downtown Lawrence wrapped?

Young maple and gingko trees are wrapped for the winter to avoid damage to the trunk, according to Megan Gilliland, the city’s communications manager.


RoeDapple 5 years ago

"Post" as many as you like! Hedge your bets as to who runs out first!


RoeDapple 5 years ago

Fir a while there I couldn't think of any . . .

DillonBarnes 5 years ago

Eventually you'll get board with this.

RoeDapple 5 years ago

Should I get my Ash outa here before someone starts Birch in?

RoeDapple 5 years ago

I'm laughin' so hard I Maple a muscle!

RoeDapple 5 years ago

Cedar, You got me started again . . .

RoeDapple 5 years ago

I better stop or you'll get Sycamore . . .

RoeDapple 5 years ago

Oops! That one's been used! We do make a Pear though, huh?

RoeDapple 5 years ago

Okay, I'm done. All up to Yew now.

RaynRavyn 5 years ago

But we're pining for more. Maybe the other posters could branch out a bit? But, your puns are deciduously better than mine. Guess I am just barking up the wrong tree. :D

RoeDapple 5 years ago

Alder good ones have been used.

RoeDapple 5 years ago

Olive for these moments. My old Pawpaw would be so proud.

RoeDapple 5 years ago

I'm so outa here! I'll be sipping mai tais on the Beech . . .

LadyJ 5 years ago

To protect them during the winter and "March madness"

like_n_Lawrence 5 years ago

I saw a city worker putting a bright orange sticker on a bicycle that was on one of those trees with wrapping. I don't know what the wrapping is for, but after a few days went by that bicycle was gone! I learned the hard way it is against law to put your bicycle on a tree. Maybe the wrapping is for protection.

copperdog007 5 years ago

OMG!!! Come on people. The wrapping is to keep critters away from the bark primarily. Secondly it serves to protect the lower bark from damage from various things such as weed trimmers and folks who wish to lock their bicycles to the tree in question.

Flap Doodle 5 years ago

I also wrap my trunk for protection in cold weather.

Jennifer Klopp 5 years ago

LJWorld, can anyone tell me if there is a city code or ordinance prohibiting homeowners from planting trees between the sidewalk and the street curb, which in this case is a span of about 3 feet? These trees are oak trees and are looking very healthy. In a few years these mighty oaks are going to bust thru both the sidewalk and the curb. Thank you.

workinghard 5 years ago

I do believe the homeowner is responsible for fixing the sidewalk in front of his property anytime there is a problem, tree or no tree.

cozborn 5 years ago

The trees are wrapped to prevent winter scald or injury, in the winter the thin barked trees can basically get a "pothole" in the bark though its more of a crack.

I would never park a bike on a tree, its against the rules and the city is cracking down.

No, you cannot plant a tree in the city right of way, for that reason, though the city will plant a tree in your yard if you pester them enough

Eugehne Normandin 5 years ago

I ride my bicycle to save the planet but I can not put it against a tree irony

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