Sound Off

Sound Off: Isn’t there a law that if the weather is bad enough to use your windshield wipers that you’re required to have your headlights on?

Sgt. Steve Lewis, a Douglas County Sheriff’s spokesman, said there is a state law that requires drivers to turn on their headlights if weather conditions have caused them to have their windshield wipers continuously running. An officer can issue a warning or write someone a ticket for $45 plus court costs, he said.


mustrun80 6 years, 1 month ago

I saw a guy throw his cigarette butt on the sidewalk around 4:30 yesterday afternoon on Mass St. Did anyone else see this guy? He was Caucasian, about 5'10 around 180 lbs. If so let's call the police so they can ticket him for littering. I'm so tired of these disgusting smokers littering on our town.

Eddie Muñoz 6 years, 1 month ago

I have often wondered why throwing cigarette butts on the ground is still an acceptable practice. I don't think it's one that can feasibly ever be stopped, though.

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