Sound Off

Sound Off: Why isn’t warm water available in the showers at the Outdoor Aquatic Center?

Megan Gilliland, the city’s communications manager, provided this information: A circulation pump that supplies warm water to the showers failed last week but has been replaced. Warm water is again available in the showers.


DillonBarnes 6 years ago

Whew, good. I was going to ask one of the attendants at the pool, but decided that was too easy.

SofaKing 6 years ago

Sound off: Why would you take a shower before or after swimming?

Pitt_Mackeson 6 years ago

Showering before swimming helps keep the pool clean, and showering after rids your skin of all the nasty chlorine :)

Joe Hyde 6 years ago

Showering before swimming gives a swimmer the opportunity to manipulate the water temperature in such way as to let his/her body adjust gradually to cooler water. That way it's not such a cold shock to your system when you jump or dive into the pool.

James Minor 5 years, 12 months ago

The cooler shower water temperature reduces the number of swimmers wizzing in the pool!!!!!

Curtis Lange 5 years, 12 months ago

I walked outside in the rain the other day, Sound Off. Why did I get wet?

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