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Sound Off: What is the city code regarding smoking outside of a restaurant? How far do smokers have to be from the door?

Megan Gilliland, the city’s communications manager, said: According to the Kansas law that was passed in July 2010, smoking is prohibited within 10 feet of any doorway, open window or air intake of an establishment where smoking is prohibited.


RoeDapple 6 years ago

So keep 'em in yer pocket! Right next to the Glock!

ThePilgrim 6 years ago

That would eliminate most of the sidewalk tables at the restaurants and bars on Mass Street, which would be a welcome sight, if it was enforced.

notorious_agenda 6 years ago

I wish that I lived in a world where worrying about other people smoking, closer than 10' to a door, was at the top of my worrying priorities.

parrothead8 6 years ago

I wish that I lived in a world where smokers were a little more considerate of other people's lungs.

Topple 6 years ago

They don't care about their own, so why would they care about others'?

mae 6 years ago

I'm guessing all of you don't enjoy barbeque, campfires, fire pits, fireplaces, or sitting at a stoplight behind any car.

Scott Morgan 6 years ago

smoking causes 99 percent of all preventable deaths, plus not wearing seat belts which also causes 99 percent of all preventable deaths, plus large soda pops which cause 99 percent of all preventable deaths, overnight wilderness camping on Clinton Lake causes 99 percent of preventable deaths, not having gubrment insurance which causes 99 percent of all preventable deaths, shopping at large box stores, free television, cigars, hot rods, not recycling...............oh my the list goes on forever.

Maybe someday we will realize how many little rights were given away in the name of saving ones self from ones self.

Alceste 6 years ago

....and it's long past time that the law was enforced right at that very place. In fact, they're so arrogant, they think they OWN the entire sidewalk in front of the place. Be nice for a series of calls to go into dispatch to make certain Lawrence's Finest provide equal protection under the law and, when a complaint is phoned in, it is acted upon.......or do the Lawrence Police exist primarily to serve the needs of Lawrence's "downtwon bars". Calls will begin today.....

NotRelated 6 years ago

Who are they that act like they own the sidewalk? The employees? The regulars? People from out of town? I understand people being upset about having to walk by smokers entering the brewery but the sidewalk complaining is overblown by your statements. By all means do your calling. That will show everyone.

Alceste 5 years, 12 months ago

1 and #2 of the three you listed, NotRelated. Particularly the owner.....

Alceste 5 years, 12 months ago

1 and #2 of the three you listed, NotRelated. Particularly, however, the owner.....

Flap Doodle 6 years ago

If you can still smell 'em, they're too close.

Bill_Slu 6 years ago

One day my grandpa was trimming the trees in his front yard. A man from the city (Homewood, IL) happened to be driving by and said, "you can't do that, that is city property." Its was the area in-between the sidewalk and the street . I always had to cut the grass there, so why is that acceptable and tree trimming unacceptable?

When I was a teenager (over 20 years ago) my grandpa told me that our rights were being taken away little by little. He used this as an example to show me that we have to fight for our freedom all of the time or one day we will have none.

Grandpa told me to stop cutting the grass and got some of our neighbors to do the same. After a month it was about 3 feet tall. He then called the city to complain, as well as some of the neighbors that the grass was out of control and they needed to come by and cut it. They did. One of my friends who worked for the Park District that summer ended up having to do it and we all had some lemonade a laugh about it.

Then the phone call came from the city commissioner and told him he could trim the trees if he cut the grass. Albeit a small battle, He won! I wish he was here now. I miss him.

The fight is never over.

Don't be afraid of your freedom. If you don't use it you lose it!

Scott Morgan 6 years ago

For the life of me remember protesting in the 70s. Freedom, rights, individualism. Now the same guppy faced leaders are day by day, hour by hour tweaking laws which indeed limit what we can and can't do.

No wonder why people move to Wyoming or Montana just to get away from it all. I do not smoke, but am sure not going to tell somebody they can't do something which is legal. Do like a cigar once in a blue moon though. My bride and I travel a great deal. We have dined in smoking legal places many times lately where the new air cleaning systems make it difficult to notice.

The soda pop law really makes me laugh. A few weeks ago I noticed a hard working women fill a refillable container with at least 64 ounces of iced tea at a local convenience store. We chatted with her telling me this deal was a godsend. She worked out of her car all day and filled up her tea twice a day. No, some but@head "leader" wants to control what this hardworking women can or can not drink. Talk about getting into somebodies business. The small cost effective pleasure this women experiences bothers somebody. I bet the folks it bothers have nice refrigerators at arms length all day long.

We have some in Lawrence who want to do away with drive thru food pickup. Of course they didn't think realizing fast food places design parking lots with a customer base ratio going through the drive thru.

Good grief, can somebody teach these types how to play solitaire, or knitting? Gardening is a good hobby. Next thing coming? Underwear changes daily. Fine anybody 10 bucks for not changing daily. We could start at the airports where our freedoms are being done away with already.

pooter 6 years ago

Contrary to popular belief you are not free and never have been.

To believe otherwise just proves your real owners did a good job in brainwashing you in their forced indoctrination centers, aka, the public school system.

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free. - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Bill_Slu 6 years ago

"You can choose a ready guide in some celestial voice. If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice. You can choose from phantom fears and kindness that can kill; I will choose a path that's clear I will choose freewill."

Freewill is a song Neil Peart wrote as a tribute to Ayn Rand and her philosophy called Objectivism.

somedude20 6 years ago

I do not recall all that many outdoor seating areas until after the smoking ban happened. Kind of like they are smoking areas. Now because of the ban, you can enjoy a drink outside at most restaurants downtown without fear of getting a ticket unlike before.

JHawker 6 years ago

I would greatly appreciate the enforcement of this smoking ban along the outdoor seating of restaurants. Though I would love to sit outside to enjoy my dinner or a drink, I am severly allergic to cigarette smoke and with smokers all outside, I have to stay inside. Who has the "right" to take away my fresh air? Nobody. I've enforced some of my own 'non-smoking' areas before and was successful, people are courteous if you ask.

Armored_One 6 years ago

You want to sit outside and enjoy the "fresh air", as you put it, downtown while eating your meal without cigarette smoke.

I suppose the vehicles idling past are spewing no toxic fumes.

lindad 6 years ago

Freedom to smoke has not been done away with - just the freedom to smoke where you can cause harm to others. After years of exposure (when young) to 2nd hand smoke. Occasional exposure as adult to 2nd hand smoke. I am now highly allergic to 3rd hand "smoke". That residue and odor that is left on your clothes, the environment in which a smoker smoked and the toxins expelled from a smokers lungs 2 hours after they finish their cigarette. I use to just get sinus, ear & eye infections with occasional bronchitis & Pneumonia - now my throat closes and I can not breathe or speak. I have a right to be in public - go into restaurants, stores, more .... without risking my health - my life!

sr80 6 years ago

lindad! I think M.Jacksons bubble is for sell,why don't you check trying to get it.Then you won't have to fear life !

Scott Morgan 6 years ago

pooter, no other nation offers as much freedom as we used to offer. In years past one could move to Montana and strive to produce purple striped smiling cross animal racoons and beaver. You can devote your life to this endeavor. Until a few decades ago you could. Stupid yes, but in this former nation you could.

As long as you simply complied with Natural Law, or common sense. I guarantee you a Mountain Man of 1820 or so would put a lead ball in his head if told how many simple freedoms have been eliminated.

SirReal 6 years ago

Seriously people? I am not a smoker but this is exactly why I was worried about all these bans. Now people can't be near doorways or people start to freak out. Next people have to go to designated outdoor areas, one every four blocks. Next you can't smoke in your own house, etc. etc. STOP FREAKING OUT ABOUT STUPID CRAP PEOPLE. DO YOU NEED GOVERNMENT TO TELL YOU WHAT TO DO AND WHEN TO DO IT? Be considerate, not because it's the law because we can govern ourselves better than any 'authority' can.

Georgine McHenry 6 years ago

I am a smoker but sometimes the smoke gets to me. What I don't like just about as much are the gals that bathe in perfume that is enough to choke a horse! My eyes start to water, my taste buds are diminished and I start to cough! Then of course there are the "stinky" people that ruin my air quality or the smoke that drifts through the air when someone is burning off a field. Or the fresh cut grass smell that permiates the air on occasion. Hey, I can complain with the best of them (if I want to). I just try to adapt to my surroundings and be considerate (most of the time).

Armored_One 6 years ago

Yup, do away with tobacco sales.

We can just raise property, income and sales taxes to offset the loss of revenue.

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