Sound Off

Sound Off: When weed killer is applied around Sunflower and Southwest schools, why aren’t signs put up to warn people?

"Groundskeepers and contractors working for the Lawrence school district post warning signs for 24 hours after spraying Roundup weed killer around school buildings. They do not spray when schools are in session, when people or pets are in the area, on windy days or within 100 feet of gardens,” said Roger Paschke, the district’s grounds supervisor. “If a patron believes these safety precautions are not being followed, please report it to the district’s facilities and maintenance division by calling 832-5975."


Terry Sexton 6 years ago

Round-up ain't gonna hurt you. If the directions on the label are followed & the signage is posted, there are no hazardous issues. The stuff doesn't last forever, ya know. It goes inert in a month or two.
Now if somebody has a petition to ban facebook... ;-p

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