Sound Off

Sound Off: I’ve seen several Journal-World stories and tweets recently regarding record high temperatures. Where do you get that information?

The Journal-World typically uses information from the National Weather Service when reporting temperatures. You can get daily and monthly temperature reports online here.


mae 5 years, 9 months ago

NWS, where else would you get that info? Trust meteorologists, they actually make up the numbers for the NWS, not your walmar t thermometer and rain gauge in your backyard.

chicago95 5 years, 9 months ago

See, also, . This userscript, which works with Firefox add-on Greasemonkey, reformats the NWS tabular forecast. All of the hourly information can be viewed without use of the script, though.

Most people do not know that the Precipitation Potential published by most forecasters (including the NWS) is the probability of as little as 1/100" of rain falling cumulatively over a six or twelve hour period. NWS now allows end-users to retrieve precipitation forecasts that are of more practical value to themselves. I chose to display the probability of at least 1/10" of rain falling cumulatively over six hours. This leads to a completely different set of expectations. As far as I know, the Probabilistic Quantitative Precipitation Forecast (PQPF) is not publicly available anywhere else on the web.

chicago95 5 years, 9 months ago

Weather geeks also may wish to check out . The Weather Underground also has links to several other privately-maintained weather stations around town. You may find some of these more helpful if you want to know how much rain fell from a recent local outburst.

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