Sound Off

Sound Off: Is it legal to have a portable basketball stand or a pile of wood on a public sidewalk?

Megan Gilliland, the city’s communications manager, provided this information: City code states that any type of materials or debris cannot be placed on a sidewalk and create a hazard or blockage of the public sidewalk. To report a code violation, visit or call (785) 832-7700.


brewmaster 4 years ago


You and the Penn. State athletic department are a good match.

Terry Sexton 4 years ago

It's also illegal in these parts to use a mule for duck hunting.

Eugehne Normandin 4 years ago

Is it legal to ask really stupid questions ?

Flap Doodle 4 years ago

I saw three blackbirds standing around a busted up graham cracker on the sidewalk. The biggest bird wasn't letting the other two eat their fair share. Can the city do something about that?

patkindle 4 years ago

obama will get rid of the big greedy bird share the wealth, hope and change rob from the rich give to the poor

patkindle 4 years ago

Sidewalks are somewhat sacred in Lawrence ks Vigilante groups were formed to protect them Once the laws were passed by our town fathers And patrols went out on a daily basis To inspect the concrete slabs About the only thing the city permits on their sidewalks Are the city owned recycle and trash barrels But no spitting, please Our vigilantes may slip and fall When they are out nickel nosing

Topple 4 years ago

I was wondering the same thing.

JackMcKee 4 years ago

I have a neighbors dog that is crapping in my front yard. If I figure out who it is, can I shoot it? The dog that is. Sound off!

parrothead8 4 years ago

You think death is a fair punishment for pooping in a place you don't like?

Topple 4 years ago

It's the owners letting the dog crap in your yard. Stun gun the owners and I bet they monitor their animal's bowel movements a little more closely.

budwhysir 4 years ago

who spends time outside anymore? I suppose with portable laptops and wireless routers, the trend is coming back.

Tim Quest 4 years ago

The comments are a special batch of insane today. Hooray America!

RoeDapple 4 years ago

If a stray dog craps on my sidewalk I ain't touchin' it.

budwhysir 4 years ago

If it snows and my sidewalk is covered, do I have to shovel it?

dragonfly0221 4 years ago

I think if the city requires the home owner to maintain at the home owners expense then they (the city) should have no say.

coolmom 4 years ago

This is probably someone's kid with basketball hoop and one of those wood skateboard ramps. Kids are out for the summer.

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