Sound Off

Sound Off: I thought I read that the calendar in the newspaper would now only include events for which there was no charge. I see listed Community Theater performances. Are they now free?

No. Perhaps you read that the Journal-World would run only notices of club meetings if they were free and open to the public. The policy for listing entertainment events has not changed. A comprehensive statement on calendar policy was published Tuesday on the newspaper’s weather page. That policy states: “The Journal-World promotes many entertainment events of interest to a wide audience. We promote art exhibits in some of the larger galleries in the area, but do not have the space to list coffee shops or similar small venues in our print calendar. We promote events at Kansas University that may draw interest from beyond the student population. “We no longer publish all club meetings that are submitted to us, such as Rotary Club or garden club meetings, or similar gatherings of groups with a specific membership. Clubs that are free and open to the public can submit their schedules. “Our online calendars at and are much more inclusive of club meetings and support groups, as well as entertainment events at smaller venues such as bars. Any club or venue can submit an online listing at “Calendar entries can be submitted online or via email at Events are compiled only a couple of times a week, so please submit listings at least a week in advance.”


Tim Quest 6 years, 4 months ago

Stop being such a cheapskate and pony up.

overthemoon 6 years, 4 months ago

Those garden club people are a tight and secretive group. They hold their clandestine meetings at undisclosed locations to protect their secrets for rose pruning, container gardening and potting mix recipes!

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