Sound Off

Sound Off: Why is the city not concerned about the upkeep of trailer courts? We live next to two courts. There are condemned trailers and a lot of garbage. Some look like junk yards. Why doesn’t the city do anything?

The city’s Property Maintenance Code pertains to both residential and commercial property within the city limits, including property within mobile home parks. To report a violation, visit Talking to the on-site management at the mobile home parks would also be appropriate to encourage tenant-initiated cleanup and resident programs that encourage beautification.


KISS 6 years, 3 months ago

As far as I can tell, Easy Living behind JC Penneys and Harper Woods near 23rd/Harper are the only one that seems to care about their neighborhood and upkeep. The other trailer courts in Lawrence range from eyesores to complete dumps..some of which, no human being should be subjected to the type of living conditions.

labernat 6 years, 3 months ago

Move the trailer courts to the west side of town. They will be cleaned up then!

Charles L. Bloss, Jr. 6 years, 3 months ago

Why do you think they are called trailer trash?

Kat Christian 6 years, 3 months ago

This is the same problem I see in the East neighborhood. BECAUSE NOT ENOUGH PEOPLE CALL TO COMPLAIN ABOUT THE PROBLEM. DUH You call the city enough times they will have to do something. Record when, the time and who you spoke to and if the City doesn't make a change within 30 days notify the newspaper. They get enough negative publicity they will have to act. It is ridiculous and discussing how some people choose to live. Why they don't notice the mess is beyond me. Just pure lazy and ignorant - bunch of slobs. I don't understand why people don't realize how they smell. Walked by a person yesterday in the store and the oder he gave off was downright offensive, discussing. When was the last time that person took a bath? It has nothing to do with being poor. It all has to do with pure laziness - just plain sloviness. Cleaniness is next to godliness - I will always believe this, because it shows how diligent and hardworking a person is. Idleness is the devils playground. So get your butts out there to work and clean up your yards this spring and your house too. Take one day at a time. You will be so proud of yourselves and feel better about your life too.

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