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Sound Off: Additional classrooms

Since both high schools are overcrowded now with 400 more students, and all of the elementary schools have fewer students than they used to, is there a plan in the bond issue for additional classrooms at both high schools. Or will they be getting portables soon?

Lawrence school district spokeswoman Julie Boyle said that as part of its pre-bond issue planning process, the Lawrence school board is considering adding classrooms at Free State High School and enlarging common spaces at Lawrence High School. “The primary focus of the bond issue will be elementary school improvements, including the elimination of portables,” Boyle said. “Elementary enrollment in Lawrence is up and projected to continue to grow.” Patrons may review options under consideration for the school bond issue on the district’s website at


FlintHawk 5 years, 5 months ago

"Patrons may review options under consideration for the school bond issue on the district’s website at"


And "Patrons"???? Really?? How 'bout taxpayers and parents?

Clovis Sangrail 5 years, 5 months ago

So they moved the ninth graders into the high schools, and now the high schools are overcrowded?

And now they want a bond issue to solve the overcrowding problem they created?

Not likely to get my vote.

kuguardgrl13 5 years, 5 months ago

I believe one of the reasons for moving 6th grade and 9th grade was to alleviate overcrowding at the elementary schools and not need the portables anymore. Data has showed that the district continues to grow in the lower grades. The high schools have taken in more students, but their buildings are much more capable of handling bigger numbers. High school classes can also be larger. Thirty students is not out of the question, although 25 is preferable. Elementary classes should be no bigger than around 20. Research has also shown that four year high schools improve the performance of ninth grade students, and the 6th-8th grade model for middle school is proving to be most beneficial to that age group. There are other changes happening at the middle schools such as teaming that have little impact on how many students are in the building, but they have been proven to make the transition between childhood and the teenage years easier. Educational researchers believe that middle schools should have their own model rather than a "junior" high school. But this isn't about middle school philosophy. This is about giving our youngest students the best chance at a good education. Moving 6th grade met a number of needs. I believe the school board is correct in placing their priorities on the elementary students first and the rest of the district second.

Crash88 5 years, 5 months ago

HA! My child's class went from 18 students in 3rd grade to almost 30! The classrooms vacated by the 6th graders went to special need children...ALL THREE ROOMS!

Kids are compressed into the room/tables and administrator(s) respond with 'insufficient funds' for teachers - which may be true - although last year they hired a new teacher to address this unique class bulge...anyway - it's not apparent (at least at our school) that the 'plan' to free up space for the elementary schools was coordinated with hiring of teachers.

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