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Sound Off: What was the latest date in the spring that snow was recorded in Lawrence?

According to Kansas State Climatologist Mary Knapp, the latest date in the spring that snow was recorded was on April 13, 1959. Records showed a 2-inch snowfall that day. Local weather records date back to 1909.


Julie Buske Manweiler 6 years ago

Didn't it snow the first day of Spring 2010?

Curtis Lange 6 years ago

April 13th is after the first day of spring.

Tim Quest 6 years ago

Yeah, but didn't it once snow in February? Are you sure that wouldn't be the latest snow?

Julie Buske Manweiler 6 years ago

Oh, yeah. Duh, was late and my brain was already sleeping :)

pace 6 years ago

There has been several May snows in Kansas, but I have always liked they myth/argument about a snow in June, in the 30's . Debate between old weather hounds, was it snow or very small hail.

Terry Sexton 6 years ago

Are we past the last hard freeze for the season? Getting itchy to get the annuals planted in the pots & flower beds.

Curtis Lange 6 years ago

That's why the answers to these questions always reference 'recorded history.' I believe the earliest detailed weather records only go as far back as the 1830s. 1909 for Lawrence is rather weird.

mdlund0 6 years ago

Where are the local conditions recorded and who keeps the records for Lawrence? The nearest official NWS recording station is at the airport in Topeka.

mdlund0 6 years ago

That's what I suspected. The data at the airport is provided by an ASOS (Automated Surface Observing System). Those systems are very good for many things... accurately detecting and recording snowfall is not among them. That is, unless there's someone at the airport that actually monitors and records snowfall amounts there.

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